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"A heart of gold, curves in all the right places, loves to smile, and will make you happy"

I recently had the pleasure of being able to spend a beautiful overnight booking with The Beautiful Miss Jenna Love.

Our time together goes something like this, Jenna’s booking process was very easy and straight forward, she was very professional and friendly in her replies.

Organising a date with her was a bit on the tricky side because of my changing work schedule but Jenna was very understanding and accomodating. We scheduled to see each other on my actual birthday date which made the whole date even more special.

Jenna suggested a place near central station for dinner which was a lovely choice, I let her take the lead as she knew the cool places to go to, dinner was lovely as I got to enjoy dinner with a charming, bubbly and beautiful lady.

Our playtime together will be something that I hold close to me as it was a very special, relaxing, awesome and intimate time that I’m glad we got to share together. I felt safe and supported in Jenna’s arms as she makes the atmosphere so special and warming.

I’m saddened at the fact that our time together is over but I’m glad that it took place and the memories we shared and made together are something I can reflect on while I am hard at work till the next time we meet again.

Gentleman don’t hesitate to make and consider a booking with Jenna as she has a heart of gold, she has all the curves in all the right places, she loves to smile and will make you happy.

Plus she’s beautiful from head to toe and she’s a redhead too !!! (:

Originally posted on #ScarletBlue

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