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"A hot and heavy hedonistic adventure"

My encounter with Jenna was a birthday to myself. The logistics were pretty easy via PM from this website. Living in the eastern suburbs the trek to the blue mountains for a punt was filled with trepidation and high expectations and deep regret if it the session didn't live up to expectation. Glad to report the reviews are accurate and she lives up to the reports!

As I entered Jennas house I was greeted with sensual full lips and the best DFK I have ever had. I could have stayed like that feeling her curvaceous body and kissing her forever, but I had driven a long way to fully experience the legendary Jenna and I wasn't to be denied. Quick shower and I headed down to the dungeon like (in a good way) bedroom .

Jenna gave me a long session of Deep throat BBBJ followed by 69 and multiple episodes of squirting which nearly drowned me. Ha Ha wasn't expecting such a torrent as I lay under her beautiful pussy and ass. We then changed positions and I had Jenna lay on her back as I had 2 fingers in her gorgeous pussy pulsating her pussy to more numerous squirts as she sucked my cock. She just came again and again!

Dommed up and I fucked her missionary which caused in some extraordinary heavy strong orgasms for Jenna which had an unexpected result.... and then had her ride me to more wet and wild orgasms as I finally came hard inside her.

Was a hot and heavy hedonistic adventure, enjoyed it thoroughly, have to find the time again to visit this jewel.

Mobi over and out.

Originally posted on #AuXXXReviews

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