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"Everything felt natural, nothing was staged, we just all went with the flow"

I mentioned to Jenna some time ago that I would be interested in a threesome as I had never had one before and if she knew of any potential partners. She told me about Kiera and that she was just starting out doing doubles with her. Our first meeting didn't go ahead because of illness and Jenna informed me of a new date that Kiera was staying up at her place.

The day finally arrived and I made the pleasant drive up the mountains. I didn't get the chance to knock on the door, Jenna greeted me in some wonderful lingerie and invited me inside, she embraced me and gave me a wonderful welcoming kiss, she grabbed my hand and took me into the lounge room and went off to get Kiera.

Kiera walked in with Jenna and she was a bundle of energy, she gave me a big hug and a long kiss, and both girls insisted I get my clothes off.

Clothes were flying off all over the place, with the girls passionately kissing me, kissing each other and then they both took turns of swallowing my cock.

Jenna certainly knows how to suck cock and Kiera is just as good and has a tongue stud that was driving me wild.

Kiera and Jenna worked seamlessly together, they are both very comfortable with each other, there was no awkwardness and no-one dominating.

Jenna was on her knees sucking my cock, gagging and slurping driving me wild while Kiera was passionately kissing me and I had two fingers in her pussy, Kiera was getting more and more excited with every thrust of my fingers I could feel her pussy tensing up, Jenna had me on the edge and then I was tipping over I let her know I was going to cum and she sucked harder and harder, both Kiera and I let our load groans as we both came at the same time, Jenna kept sucking my cock making sure she got every last drop.

We grabbed some water and went off upstairs to the sex room.

Jenna asked me if I had had sex with a girl using a female condom, which I replied I had not, she asked if I wanted to try as it was easier with a double as you are not changing condoms all the time, I was happy to give it a go, basically they feel the same as a normal condom and worked very well.

Jenna got her condom ready while Kiera sucked my cock, deep throating, gagging, lots of saliva, then it was Jenna's turn to climb on top and she fucked me hard, Kiera kissed me passionately and covered my face with her boobs.

Kiera then got herself ready with a condom and wanted me to fuck her hard doggy style. Kiera was kneeling on the edge of the bed while I was standing, fucking her hard and spanking her juicy ass, Kiera would also push back hard and fucking my cock.

Jenna got underneath me and was sucking on my balls looking up at me while I was fucking Kiera hard and fast, the feeling was amazing.

Jenna then lied down on the bed in front of Kiera and Kiera licked her pussy while she encouraged me to keep fucking her hard from behind, Jenna was looking back at me telling me to fuck Kiera good and hard.

Position change again, Kiera wanted to fuck me reverse cowgirl, while I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Kiera loves this position and sure knows how to fuck a mans cock. I lied back and got Jenna to sit on my face and went to town on her clit with my tongue, my face was covered in her gushing juices as Jenna squirmed and gasped above me, Jenna wiped my face with a towel and it was time to change again.

The girls dispersed with the female condoms and we just used normal condoms. I got Kiera to lie back on the bed so I could have her missionary, with Jenna lying beside her, I pumped away and had my fingers in Jenna's pussy, it was just a bed covered in sweat and lust and the two girls came, but they wanted more. Side saddle position now with Kiera and Jenna was passionately kissing me while I played with her pussy, everything was becoming a wonderful blur.

Next it was Jenna's turn, she laid down and I climbed on in missionary, we kissed passionately as I pumped away, kiera was behind me with her hands lubed up, rubbing my balls and playing with Jenna at the same time, this was getting Jenna and I most excited and it was not long before I fired my second shot into the bag.

WE had a rest and lots of water, we chattered. Jenna and Kiera put there strap on belts on and Kiera began sucking my cock while Jenna had her spit roasted from behind, this was way better than any porn movie, because it was actually happening to me with two gorgeous girls. Jenna sure knows how to fuck someone dogging style.

They then swapped positions and now Jenna was being spit roasted by Kiera, and Kiera was not holding back and Jenna was enjoying every thrust and I has in heaven with every suck of Jenna's mouth.

We took a 30 second breather and then Kiera pounced on my cock with her mouth and Jenna passionately embraced me and we kissed tenderly, this went on for ages and I did not want it to stop, Kiera and Jenna had me rock hard again, Kiera applied lots of saliva and a little lube and was wanking me and rubbing and squeezing my balls while Jenna's lips and mine were never going to part, I could take it any longer and let the girls I was going to cum, Kiera made sure that she got every drop out of me.

We each took turns in the shower and rested, chatting about our lives.

I got dressed, said my good bye and drove with a smile on my face the rest of the day and still have that huge smile on my face thinking about what we did together.

Being my first threesome I was a bit nervous and anxious, but the girls were fantastic, everything felt natural, nothing was staged, we just all went with the flow and it was never awkward.

Most of it was a wonderful blur and this review is my best recollection, there was much more happening between the three of us, and between Jenna and Kiera.

We went way over time, both girls are not clock watchers, so for me the value for money was well worth it.

I know I am biased towards Jenna, but I would recommend anyone to see these lovely ladies together.

Thank you Jenna for organising this for me.

I cannot wait to see you again.

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