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"Her kisses are so soft and then hard and she pulls you in closer, she is passion on legs"

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A booking was made easy via her email. I had a nice drive up to the lower blue mountains in the early morning, arrived and knocked on the front door. Jenna opened the door in a bikini that showed off her wonderful curves and gorgeous big boobs, she had her hair up and glasses on, wow she looked amazing. This girl makes sure nothing ever gets mundane.

I walked in with tongue on the floor and my eyes popping out, Jenna closed the door and we embraced in the entrance way and she DFK me so passionately, this girl could win the worlds best kisser award IMHO. Her kissers are so soft and then hard and she pulls you in closer, she is passion on legs.

I was rock hard and Jenna knew it, she was rubbing my cock through my pants and then started unbuckling my belt, button and zipper, dropped my pants and reached in for a wonderful rub and fondle. I had to do the same to her, had her bikini bottoms on the ground and rubbed her clit soft and fast and she came hard in a puddle on the floor.

Her lips pulled away from me and she smiled, put on a dom, turned around and bent over with her hands against the wall and guided me inside her. This sight was so erotic, I had my white business shirt on, my black pants down around my ankles and I am pumping a gorgeous red haired girl doggy style in her front entrance way.

Jenna kept egging me on to fuck her and it wasn't long before the first shot was gone.

We then move into the bedroom, we both discard what clothes we still had on and get under the covers, this was also a nice touch, I know Jenna was feeling a bit cold, but under the covers was a great GFE.

Our lips are locked again and hardly part from each other, my finger are deep inside her soaking wet pussy, as I'm madly ribbing her G spot and her pussy muscles push my fingers out and she cums with a load gasp.

Another dom and she climbs on top and fucks me hard and fast and then slowly grinds on top of me, every now and then her pussy muscles push my cock out as she cums.

We roll over to missionary and with every thrust she is yelling out yes and keeps cumming, I cannot hold on much longer and once again I fill the bag for No 2.

We have a rest and a great chat. Jenna is great to talk to, we talk about work lives, study and family, she is easy to talk to and also a great listener.

We both learn forward and start round three with lots of kissing and then she kissers her way down to my cock and takes it in her mouth and works her magic with her tongue and lips, she goes from sucking and licking the head with lots of saliva dribbling over my cock and then deep throats me with lots of gagging. I cannot take much more and suggest another condom is required, she turns over and assumes the position as she knows I want to fuck her very tasty ass, I go in slowly and pump away not to hard, I get her to roll back into missionary, quick dom change and I guide my cock between her pussy lips and my cock is engorged in her cum juices, our lips and tongues meet and we are both in thrusting harmony, she is crying out for me to fuck her hard, I keep going until I feel; number three engage and there is no turning back and its all over.

At the cum count I think Jenna won easily 25-3.

We had another good chat and then showered and I was off down the road.

I don't know how long I was there for, I just know it was another wonderful time.

Jenna is a wonderful girl, fantastic looks, great personality and always makes sure you leave satisfied.

I believe she has her gang bang on this weekend and is in the city for those who cannot get to the lower blue mountains.

I'm sure that everyone she sees this weekend will have a wonderful time.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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