• Jenna

"I thought we'd start out by peeing on each other"

I'm going to start out with my most recent session, as it is fresh in my memory!  Now "Cameron" had cancelled on me twice before we finally met. Both times with a good amount of notice and with good reason, but I was a little hesitant about whether he was actually going to show up. It got to 11:02 and I thought I had a no show on my hands. At 11:03 there was a knock on the door and all my fears melted away as soon as I opened it. Cameron has a big smile on his face, and he was comfortable and chatty straight away.  As is customary, I asked if he would like a shower while directing him towards the bathroom. He responded "Yes, I thought we'd start out by peeing on each other". I think I laughed and I hope he didn't take that the wrong way, but I found his phrasing amusing and his directness refreshing. I told him it was a great idea and showed him where he could put down his things. He mentioned he had brought some supplies and emptied his backpack onto the bed to reveal a strap-on harness, quite a large dildo, a butt plug, and a cock ring. And also some Panadol. I picked up the Panadol and jokingly asked if it was likely to be necessary and he assured me it was not supposed to fall out. After that great opening line and the reveal of a strap-on, I knew the next hour was going to be fun. We jumped into the bath and I lay down ready for him to pee on me. He started on my stomach and I was surprised at how strong it felt. It was then I decided to mention that I'd never had anyone pee on me before. Cameron was really surprised and I realised I was kind of surprised too. I quite liked the way it felt when he directed it onto my clit. Anyway, I love me a good first! So next it was my turn and, while Cameron had texted me earlier reminding me to be "well hydrated" (not an uncommon request given my squirting abilities), and having drunk 2 litres of water beforehand I was struggling to get any out. I find it quite difficult to urinate when I'm aroused, which does present problems sometimes with golden showers! So we gave up on that idea for a while and proceeded to make out and lather each other up in the shower. Well, there went my hair and makeup!  Into the bedroom and quickly my frustration at myself faded away as we got up to all sorts of fun activities! First I went down onto my knees to suck his now quite excited cock, and then he suggested I lay down while he had his turn going down on me. He started by licking and sucking my clitoris which felt great, but then he added two fingers and that's always going to be a hit. I came a couple of times at this point, but was surprised there wasn't my normal amount of squirt. Cameron thought it was an impressive amount, but I don't know why my body just seemed to be resisting letting out fluids! Anyway, I got him to stay in that position and moved myself around to behind so I could get good access to his arse. I kissed his neck and then worked by way down his back until I was at the top of his crack. I then licked my way from his balls up to his arsehole before giving him a good rimming and tongue fucking. At one point I pulled away and noticed he was gaping (just a small amount - not like a porno gape!). Cameron suggested I blow into it and we were both surprised by the sound! I've never seen a guy's arse so ready and with that in mind I reached for the harness and asked if I could give it a go (trying to pretend that's not what I was desperately wanting to do the entire time!). Strap-on on, lube applied and I was preparing to enter him from behind when we realised it was going to be too difficult with the height difference (not an uncommon issue when the girl is the one with the dick!). Cameron suggested we try missionary with me on top and that worked like a dream. I fucked him gently but firmly, we kissed throughout, and I loved it.  By this point, it was well and truly time for him to fuck me. After grabbing a condom, he kneeled behind me on the bed and fucked me doggy which felt fantastic. He asked me if I was comfortable with anal and, considering I'd just given him a good anal pounding, who was I to say no?! I warned him, however, that I didn't think I'd be quite as 'ready' as he was and that it might take a bit of work at first. I was very wrong. He was able to enter my arse really smoothly and I started playing with my clit as he fucked me. It wasn't long before I came and THERE was the 2 litres of water I had drunk earlier. I squirted a massive puddle that hit the bed with such ferocity it was splashing up around my legs and pussy. Fuck I love the feeling of cumming with a dick in my arse.  Cameron pulled out and decided he would finish with a facial. A classic. He stood up on the bed as I sat between his legs licking his balls while he wanked over my face. I opened my mouth and he came inside it and down my chin. I swallowed what was in my mouth and licked the remainder off his dick. We had a quick lie down and cuddle before it was time for the shower.  As I was turning on the shower, Cameron mentioned he needed to wee again. I suggested I lie down and he do it on me again. So he did. When he started I said "you can do it on my face if you like!", to which he responded "are you sure?". I said "yep!" and he moved his stream to my neck before asking again if I was sure. With my eyes and mouth closed I nodded enthusiastically and he proceeded to piss all over my face. My biggest issue at this point was trying not to laugh and inadvertently get some in my eyes, mouth, or nose. I then realised I might be able to wee, so I jumped up and he sat underneath me. This time I was able to get a small amount out, so I'm glad about that, but I wish I'd been able to do more. It's something I have been able to do before, so I'll have to keep working on being able to do it on cue.  We finished off with some great chat and many laughs and I was left in a good mood all day. It was a really fun session that I think I'll remember for a while. 


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