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"Jenna is a wonderful person, who loves to please the partner she is with at the time."

I have been lucky enough to have meet with this gorgeous woman 3 times this year already. I caught up with her on Wednesday of this week. As always making an appoint is very easy and stress free, just a simple email with potential dates and time options and the date is set. I then just wait for the day in anticipation day dreaming of seeing this wonderful woman again and having the occasional wank in the shower while I'm thinking of her. I park the car outside her house in the lower blue mountains and knock on the door, Jenna opens the door and greets me with a wonderful smile, I get two steps into the front entrance and we just cannot help ourselves, we kiss madly and passionately with each other. This woman is one if not the best kisser I have had the pleasure to lock lips with, I would see her over and over just for the kissing. Her kissers are soft, with small amounts of tongue, with the occasional small bit of the lip, I love how she moans as she pulls you in closer to her. My hands are going everywhere, I lift up her dress over her head and then fumble with her bra, as it drops to the floor I kiss my way down her neck and onto her lovely D cup boobs (My guess on size). I lick and suck in her nipples, her breath is getting heavier, I make my way back up to her neck and then her mouth, clasping my hands around her neck, running my fingers through her soft auburn red hair. Jenna starts unbuckling my pants while I undo my shirt, I help her and rip my close off. My hand runs down over her panties and my fingers wonder over her smooth shaved pussy, she is wet as my fingers slowly play with her clit and slightly inside her, her breathing becomes heavy but we don't dare let our lips come apart, I feel the gush of her cumming in my fingers. Jenna drops to her knees and engulfs my rock hard cock into her mouth, she goes between deep throat and playing with and licking the head of my cock, I'm trying to hold on desperately, thinking of all the rugby players I can name in my head, but her mouth and tongue have me in a trance. I know I won't last long now and I grab hold of the wall for support, shortly after I let Jenna know I'm going to cum and she looks up at me with those wonderful eyes and keeps sucking madly, I've lost it and my load of cum goes down her throat and she keeps going ensuring not a drop is wasted.

She comes up for air and tells me my cock has gotten bigger since the last time I saw her, we passionately kiss each other and then she tells me we should make our way to the bedroom.

We lay on the bed and chat about life, until we just start kissing each other madly again, I make my way down her curvy voluptuous body and then start licking and sucking on her smooth pussy, she begins to toss on the bed and her breathing is heavier until she lets out a load wet orgasm. I could stay down at her pussy for hours, but I know Jenna wants me inside her and also wants to make sure I'm getting pleasured, as that's the type of person she is. Jenna reaches over and grabs a condom, it is quickly on with her legs spread wide apart as I plunge my cock into her pussy, she raises her legs as I pump away at different paces, I love how I can fuck her and kiss her passionately at the same time, Jenna cums several times, as we are lying on the bed trying to get our breath back I wish her a happy international women's day. With that she insists that she has the right to be on top. So we change to cowgirl and Jenna rocks back and forth and grinds down onto me, I lift her up slightly and start hamming my cock up into her pussy. We are both getting tired, I ask her to suck my cock again and she obliges with a big smile.

She whips off the condom and devours my cock, she has me on the edge so many times, with deep throat, wanking me , lick my balls. I normally cum 3 times in the hour but this time Jenna has me under her control, she takes me to the edge and back so many times, my fingers wander and I find her wet pussy and she is more than happy to let me play while she sucks me off. I cannot take it any more and she knows it and sucks my cock with furry as I plunge my fingers into her pussy, we both cum in load screams, mine is so intense, I start to wonder why I haven't bought this girl a freddo frog and carimello bar and asked her to ditch everyone else and marry me.

We chat about life again and then we both have a shower and I get dressed.

Jenna is a wonderful person, who loves to please the partner she is with at the time.

Enough has been said about her hair colour, body size,etc, so everyone knows what to expect.

Just treat her as you would want to be treated, let her know what you like and she will do her best to oblige.

Thanks Jenna for another wonderful time

Look forward to catching up again soon

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