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"Jenna isn't just about great sex. She's a great person too as many have said."

I decided to bite-the-bullet and see if I could have some time with the "famous" Jenna whilst she visited at 142.

I expected her to be booked out, but I called in the morning, spoke with Amanda, and she said 2.00pm was available. I took a 30 minute option as I needed to get back to work.

Jenna came into the waiting room and was bubbly and pleasant. I have to admit I was a bit in awe of her having read so many fantastic reviews on this site, and slightly nervous, but Jenna put me at ease straight away and made me feel welcome and relaxed.

From what I could ascertain, Jenna's 2 "fortes" were squirting and BJ's. I told Jenna that today I didn't actually want any intercourse, but was just happy with kissing and oral and she was fine with that. Like travelling around Europe on a limited time-frame, I didn't want to try and squeeze too much in...better to focus on a few key areas.

On to the bed and started with some wonderful DFK. Jenna kisses passionately, and I explored her soft, porcelain skin as we kissed and was encouraged by her moans.

I spent some time kissing, sucking and licking her beautiful breasts and at the same time let me fingers wander to their goal. Jenna was already wet.

I needed to taste this honey-pot and put my head between her legs and started to lick and nibble at her clit. Jenna was encouraging and I soon focused on the technique that seemed to be getting the best response. I then inserted a couple of fingers into her, by now, extremely wet pussy. Within a short time Jenna let out a moan, arched her back, pushed my fingers out of her pussy and let fly with a squirt all over my face and the bed. "Oh God"... Jenna said.

I kept on licking and fingering and Jenna squirted two or three more times.

Then it was my turn and Jenna went to town on my cock. This girl has amazing oral skills and swallowed me without any difficulty whatsoever. I could only lie down and marvel at my love-spigot disappearing down her throat with ease. She kept great eye-contact too - always a turn on. I didn't want to blow just yet as only about 20 minutes was up, so I told Jenna I wanted to pleasure her more which she readily agreed to.

More DATY and another squirt or two seemed to do the trick and Jenna smiled and complimented me on my oral skills - nice to hear that!

Finally I stood up on the bed, Jenna knelt in front of me and gobbled my cock to the base. Before long I shot a huge load over Jenna's face and into her mouth which she seemed to swallow and lap up. Wow. My legs were that wobbly I nearly fell off the bed.

Into the shower, clean up while all the while chatting with Jenna about a range of subjects. Then a warm hug and a kiss and on way into the afternoon with a grin like Cheshire Cat.

Jenna isn't just about great sex. She's a great person too as many have said here. She's highly intelligent, witty and can hold a conversation about any topic that comes up. She also knows how to make a man feel amazing and give an awesome sexual experience that will stay in the memory for a long time to come.

I certainly enjoyed my time with Jenna and will definitiely make plans to see her again - for longer next time!

Thank you, Jenna! You've made my week!

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