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Jenna Love in the time of COVID-19

I'm sure it isn't savvy business practise to talk about tough times, but I don't really care. I've never run things the way people say I 'should' and I sure as hell am not about to start doing so in the middle of a global crisis!

So in the interest of transparency, I'm quite concerned about money. 2020 was always going to be a tough year for me financially. In December of 2019 I found out I had to have three operations this year, meaning a minimum of three months off work in total to recover. As a sex worker, despite paying my taxes and adhering to Australian business standards, I am not eligible for any kind of income protection, and of course still have overheads and outgoing costs during my time off work. I was devastated when I found this out, especially because my husband is losing his job this year and we had intended to buy a house before that happened given the lenders probably wouldn't be keen loaning to a couple that is half unemployed and half self-employed sex worker! But I had my cry and then put a plan into place. As soon as my surgeries were scheduled, I came up with a gruelling touring schedule, and at the end of last year I put a huge amount of effort into taking my adult content from a bit of a fun hobby to a legitimate arm of my business in order to help compensate for the lost face-to-face income. I had it all planned out so it would work out okay and we would get through this year. And then COVID-19 reared it's hideous head.

On the one hand, I was prepared to be stuck at home right now (I had surgery a few days ago and have to be off work for another 5 weeks), so I feel for all of the people who didn't know this was coming and are now going stir-crazy, because at least I knew it was for me! On the other hand, I was really counting on the other 9 months of the year to be profitable in order to stay afloat. Unfortunately I do not know if my tours will be able to go ahead, and now that a large percentage of the world is having to turn to alternate means of income, the paid adult content world is even more saturated than it was before. (Please don't get me wrong - I don't begrudge any individual doing what they can to put food on the table. I'm just being realistic about what happens when a huge amount of people do the same thing) In both sex work and 'civilian' spaces I am seeing SO many comments saying "just start an OnlyFans!" (despite OnlyFans being a crummy, scammy website... there are other options people!!) as though it is an easy solution for everything. Adding to this is that in the first week or month of creating content on any paid adult site, creators will get lots of boosts for being new which will lull them into thinking they can make a lot more money than they actually can.

Now I am fully aware that EVERYONE is affected by the situation we find ourselves in. I know that you are reading my sob story thinking of all the shitty ways your life has already been impacted so far, and how it will continue to be. So I know that you may not be in any position to help, and that's totally cool. If you are someone who can't spare cash, but retweets my stuff on Twitter and leaves comments on Instagram, then I appreciate you. You are still helping me and my business. But if you've been considering contributing financially to my work for a while and have been on the fence about it, I'm asking you to make that choice now and have a look at what I can offer you:

ADULT CONTENT (ie porn...)

The XXX page of my website outlines all the options for purchasing my adult content, but you can find me on ManyVids, AVN Stars, and IWantFanClub.

I do usually have the option of custom videos, but at the moment I am very limited in what I am actually able to film, so please keep that in mind :)



Half hour session with 1 dirty pic from me and unlimited from you: $60 AUD

One hour session with 2 dirty pics from me and unlimited from you: $100 AUD

DICK RATING (KiK or Whatsapp)

$20 AUD for a rating out of ten and a paragraph about it. $40 AUD for a rating with SPH

GIRLFRIEND FOR A DAY (9am-10pm) (KiK, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram)

Starts with a message when you wake up, and ends with one saying goodnight. Chat about anything and everything you like all throughout the day, but nothing too sexual. (No pics from me, but you can send pics)

$150 AUD

GIRLFRIEND FOR A WEEK (7 days) (KiK, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram)

A minimum of 10 messages per day. Chat about anything and everything you like, but nothing too sexual. (No pics from me, but you can send pics)

$400 AUD

I will have options for live video chatting and camming available in the future, but unfortunately I can't really do anything like that until I am recovered from this surgery, so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my woes, particularly in a time when it is difficult to find positive things to read online! To my regulars, I am thinking of you, and hoping that I see you on the other side of this. Lots of love and compassion <3


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