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"Jenna makes you feel totally welcome and relaxed... kisses you like you have been lovers for years"

I tried to organise a time with Jenna a while back. Unfortunately we could not match our schedules and we made a date for the 30th. I told Jenna that it would be an early Christmas present from me, to me. Waiting for the date to come around was more exciting than waiting for Santa.

I arrived at Jenna's new place on time. Jenna met me in a lovely green bra and G String, complete with Santa hat. We grabbed some water and went upstairs. Jenna makes you feel totally welcome and relaxed. She kisses you like you have benn lovers for years.we kissed deeply and started to remove each others clothes. Sucking her breasts and rubbing her pussy. Jenna then bends over as I rub more and kiss and lick her hips and arse. Her skin is beautiful.

Jenna then drops to her knees and give me a DTBBBJ. Slow and wet and deep. Looking up at you. There was more deep throat and some, gentle, face fucking.

I had to lay her down and go DATY. Licking and fingering until her squirting covers my face and chest. We kiss mor and I keep playing with her gorgeous body. I am licking and rubbing and fingering. Jenna keeps on squirting. I am fingering her arse and pussy and licking away. This went for a while. We then kissed and got some water. There was more a pool of juices rather than a puddle.

Jenna cuddles and kisses me and then lays me down for another amazing BJ. I had to ask for a Dom. Jenna applies it with her mouth. She was chatting and then stops as she applies the Dom. I told her she is polite as you should not talk with a mouthful. Jenna climbs on cowgirl and we are really having a good time. I rub her more. I suck her beautiful breasts and she squirts again. The noise from the juices was quite loud. I asked Jenna if someone had trod on a duck. She laughed and said it sounds just like that. We are having a good time.

I lay Jenna down and we go Mish. She raises her legs so I can also play with her. She squirts again and again as we do this. We then go anal in Mish. I can play with her clit and finger her pussy at the same time. She seemed to enjoy this as it just got wetter and wetter. I was determined to hang on and make this last. I then asked Jenna if sh would give me a BJ to finish. She asked if I would like to come in her mouth. I said use please ( I am polite). She then asked if she could swallow my come. I told her "only if she wants to". She just gave me her Jenna smile.

I kept rubbing and playing as we kept going in and out. I told Jenna I will do this one more time. I lied. I did it twice. The site of Jenna laying back and orgasming is a site to behold.

Jenna then lay me down for another BBBJ. Lots of deep throat. Wet and slow and then quicker. She was going to make me come. She did. I blew quite hard and she kept going until I had no more to give. We lay together and talked and kissed. I then went for a shower. We were already over my time. Jenna is no clock watcher. She watches what you like.

Jenna told me that we just christened her new room. What a privilege. Her new home is delightful, quirky and charming. A lot like Jenna. Her room upstairs is very good. It was a hot day but the room was not too hot. The shower and bath facilities are excellent.

Thankyou Jenna for my Messy Christmas and for a fantastic time with you

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