• Jenna

Should I really be committing to yet another time consuming activity?

So I just created this website and it has a blog function. Of course, being the person I am, I was like "yes! I'm going to blog!' Now it's 1am and I'm wondering if it's really a good idea to introduce yet another hobby into my life when I already have a million hobbies and jobs alongside studying, maintaining far too many relationships, and keeping up with the ridiculous amount of television Netflix is pumping out at the moment. 

But... I don't get to talk about this work much. And I love talking about it. It's a fascinating world that I think reflects interestingly on the 'real' world. The people I talk to about it the most are my clients and they'd probably prefer me to be doing other things with their time! So this seems like a great way for me to share it. 

I love reading reviews of experiences with sex workers. And I've always wanted to write my own! So I thought that might be a good starting point. I'm going to try and write some of my stories here. Not reviews as such, just stories. So stay tuned and feel free to put in requests!



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