• Jenna

The happiest of birthdays to me!

I've had a fair amount of group sex in my life. Something I'm very happy about. But until recently there was one elusive combination for me - the bisexual MMF, in which the guys not only played with me but also each other. It's something I had never actively pursued because I just didn't think it was likely and I obviously wasn't interested in something unless everyone involved was keen. Having recently encountered a few men who would describe themselves as 'bi-curious' or 'heteroflexible', I was starting to think it just might be a possibility and last weekend, on my birthday, it actually happened!  It was 7am on a Sunday morning and after a late night in a hotel room me and my roommate were a little worse for wear, but a message to say a visitor was waiting for us in the lobby downstairs was enough to make us jump out of bed! I'd spent the night with Rob, who describes himself as heteroflexible... he is straight but if a woman says she'd like him to suck a cock while she watches he probably isn't going to say no. Waiting downstairs was Neil, who is bisexual... romantically he is only interested in women, but he happens to have a real weak spot for having a cock down his throat.  Rob sleepily jumped in the shower as I went downstairs to fetch Neil. We greeted each other excitedly and then nervously exchanged some chat in the elevator - he asked me what the plan was and I didn't have one! He said "I mean - do we kiss?" and I didn't know the answer (they didn't). We entered the room and Rob was still in the shower, Neil and I kissed and removed our clothes so it wasn't an awkward combo of fully clothed and naked people. Once Rob was out of the shower the boys said hi and we all commenced an expected amount of nervous laughter. I asked if we should discuss boundaries before beginning but then we all looked at each other and realised none of us really had any (aside from protected sex for everyone of course), so there wasn't much point!  From there we launched into an hour and a half of anything we could think of! I'll have to list things in a random order, because it really is a bit of a blur to me. The boys got themselves into a 69 position, Neil was on the bottom with Rob on top while I gave him the best rimming I had in me. Neil loves to gag, and the sounds coming out of his throat were extraordinary! I'd seen him gag on toys before, but seeing him take a (large!) cock down his throat was something else.  I was sucking Neil's cock and didn't notice Rob had decided to fish out the riding crop for some action. He gave me a nice red butt while directing me to take Neil's cock nice and deep, which very much appealed to the submissive side of me.  At one point we all thought it was time for some REAL man on man action and Rob grabbed a condom as Neil got on all fours and I tried to contain my excitement. We started with Neil going down on me while he was getting fucked in the arse and that was enjoyable, but the situation amplified for me when I turned myself around, got underneath Neil so that we were 69ing and I had front row seats to watch Rob's beautiful cock disappearing back and forth into Neil's very accomodating arsehole. I think Rob surprised himself - he'd never had sex with a man before and, frankly, didn't know if he'd be able to. He was definitely able to. Godammit. I won't forget that image any time soon.  All three of us are fans of pegging, so we decided it was time for a spit roast - usually I'm the one in the middle, but this time Rob had a go. Neil laid down on his back so Rob could take his cock in his mouth while I put my strap-on on. I entered Rob from behind and loved the visual of fucking him while he sucked. Eventually I wanted in on the action and we both sucked and licked Neil's balls and cock for a bit of a double BJ.  Of course I couldn't let an MMF pass without a good solid double penetration. Rob laid down on his back, I climbed on top and Neil stood behind to penetrate my arse. It felt absolutely fantastic, as expected, and it wasn't long before I was cumming multiple times - squirting all over Ross and pushing both of them out as my muscles contracted.  We thought it fitting to finish off with a mini bukkake. The boys took turns operating a Hitachi Magic Wand on my clit while jerking off onto my face. They were mostly successful except for an errant splash that landed in my left eye, leaving me with a headache for the next hour and a tiny bit of playful resentment.  At the end of our time I realised that Rob eats pussy better than me and Neil sucks cock better than me, so thank goodness I have boobs or else I would've felt very inferior! I can't thank both the boys enough for giving me such an extraordinary experience full of wonderful memories - there's nothing I like more than playing with polite, respectful, kinky people! 


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