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"There is an honesty and earnestness to her you don’t find in many humans let alone sex freaks"

Finally got my chance to cleanse myself in Jenna’s fountain of youth. Unfortunately I don’t have an open schedule so had to lock an early starter session in well in advance, booking with Jenna was very easy and with zero hiccups. She’d had to send her husband off to accommodate me and I appreciate that kind of business sense. I arrived a little early- Google Maps’ walking estimator must use an octogenarian or toddler for their 16min estimate from Blaxland station- Jenna was still getting ready so I showered and then we met down in her debauchery den…

Even with the weight of positive reviews her price point had the cynic in me questioning the legitimacy of it all, I was glad I didn’t find a sixth toe or an Adam’s apple (not my thing, no offence to the ladyboy lovers on here- get in where you fit in!). I was pleased to see she is indeed compact and cute, with a body built for sin. We started out with some DFK which she is very good at and then I asked her what she wanted to do, I’d had to skip breakfast so I decided to dine on her first. I wasn’t even getting warmed up when the first dousing hit me in a spate of gushes, I love nothing more than a dose of squirt so welcomed as much as I could. How does her squirt taste? Well, I’d consider it a quality drop, robust and full bodied much like Jenna herself with some earthy tones and just enough saline texture to the aftertaste to make you seek out her saliva as a thirst quencher! I couldn’t help myself and before I knew it squirt #2 and #3 hit. I stood up and laughed, looking at my watch I pointed out we were barely 7 minutes into our session. Three towels laid on the bed soaked through meant it was time for Jenna’s chance to put her mouth on my significantly less majestic genitals, I was standing at the side of the bed when she took the whole length relatively easy. At this point she got goosebumps on her arms and I was holding on for dear life, honestly. Her mouth is almost as freaky as her pussy and a minute or ten later I was sitting on the end of the bed with her between my knees cumming down her throat. She swallowed the lot and came up for some DFK. We laid down arm in arm, eventually under the covers as she was getting cold…

I’d envisioned this would be the part of the review where I’d talk about fucking her and taking up the offer of anal but a large long weekend had left me physically unprepared for such a lady so I left sex off the table til we meet again (ASAP!). I don’t think Jenna is the sort of woman you could fuck half-heartedly. Though we have our differences I found her both interested and interesting, she’s devoid of pretention and very candid which I find endearing. After some great conversation it was on again…

The next two rounds are really a blur, caught up in the moment I especially enjoyed kneeling on the bed with my dick in her mouth and middle finger inside her. Feeling her twitch while my dick was nearing her tonsils was worth the price of admission alone, at one point I’d had her squirt and her pussy was visibly swollen and she was responsive to the point that isolated flicks of her clit would have her bordering on ecstasy. At one point she was between my legs working her magic when I told her to kiss me, she came up and we made out she grabbed my cock and I started sliding her ridiculously wet pussy all over it continuing DFK. I think she came during this which is just incredible, everything was so wet and heated I couldn’t tell.

At one point we 69d with her head over the edge of the bed and my feet on the floor but I was worried I’d lose balance so just resorted to fucking her throat which she seemed to love. How much she loves the taste of her own juices is incredible, I started out with just putting a finger in her mouth then three but before I knew it I was using my right hand like a ladle to pour it over her mouth and rub it in her face before making out… Woahohohoh! I especially enjoyed when I was kneeling over her while she was deepthroating me, I spanked her rather timidly and she told me she liked that. So I did it again, then again. When she went deep again I held her head with my left hand and got off ten spanks with the right before she withdrew to get her breath. I told her she was a good girl and she very demurely replied “I love it when you tell me that” with mascara, saliva and squirt all over her face. Damn, man. Damn. Soon she’d tell me she wanted me to cum on her face but I was so tired and overstimulated the first two squirts ended up on her left collarbone and right shoulder blade respectively, like an ill-fated North Korean missile test, before I hit the target. I’d soon shower and leave a content man.

I can’t recommend Jenna enough and it seemed the rougher it got the more she enjoyed it, as always YMMV but there is an honesty and earnestness to her you don’t find in many humans let alone sex freaks. I’d always scoffed at the idea of having a regular WL, I haven’t seen the same woman more than twice, but as I was enjoying a burrito for lunch and all I could taste was Jenna’s juices I thought about all the things we could get up to with time... I plan on heading to the Wild West again this time after some carb loading and on a decent night’s sleep.

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