• Jenna

This girl is fantastic.


Date published: 9 November, 2017

Had to wait a few weeks to see this lovely girl again, due to her own personal commitments.

Making a booking is very easy, I just send her an email and she always replies within 24 hours.

Time and date set and I make the easy drive up to the lower blue mountains. I must admit I prefer going out west anyway as the traffic is easy and parking is without hassle at Jenna's place.

I knock on the door and wait in anticipation. Jenna opens the door and allows me in to reveal her gorgeous body wrapped in sexy lingerie and high heels. Wow the sight of this gorgeous girl will always be in my mind when I need to wank off in the shower.

Once again I only get one step past the doorway before we are locked in each others arms and DFK like we are two high school sweet hearts, Jenna moans as I pull her in tight and squeeze her breasts, just being held in by her lacy bra.

She reaches down and rubs and squeezes my now rock hard cock trapped inside my black pants.

I reach around and unhook her bra, and her gorgeous natural breast are waiting in front of me. I kiss and suck on her nipples, her breathe becomes heavier and she moans with excitement, I reach down and her smooth shaved pussy is wet and wanting my fingers to enter.

I rub her clit and slowly push in one finger, then another, Jenna cannot hold on anymore and lets out a loud gasp as he squirts onto the floor.

She gives me a wicked smile and starts undoing my belt, drops my pants to the floor and takes me all the way to the base straight down her throat, she moves from gagging to lots of saliva and licking and playing with the head of my cock, I'm not going to last much longer and let her know I'm going to cum, she looks up at me and makes sure she swallows every drop and keeps going until she is sure I have no more left.

We move off to the bedroom and chat about our lives, before we lock our lips again.

I make my way down to her breasts, kissing and sucking on her nipples and then continue down to her smooth pussy, which is dripping wet, I lick her pussy and she throws her head back and groans, I continue to let my tongue and lips play with her clit before she explodes into me mouth.

Next its on with a dom and I climb on top for missionary, Jenna spreads her legs and wraps her arms around me digging her long red finger nails into my back as I pound her away, with her encouragement of "yes, Oh God Yes" its not long before my second shot is fired away.

Clean up and another chat, before round three commences much the same as round two. We swap between oral positions, then on with the dom and doggy, where I get to spank her fantastic ass.

My legs are becoming weak, so I get her to roll over and bring it home in missionary.

This girl is fantastic, I get three shots away every time and always feel like a winner with her.

We both have a shower and I get changed.

A bit more of a chat, It always feels so relaxing and I am on my way back down the road, very much satisfied.

I believe she is off to Melbourne next week, I am sure she will be much loved by our southern punters.

Looking forward to catching up with her again, which will most likely be in her new place up the hill a bit more.