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Why I don't want to be a high class escort

I recently had a client who was pretty negative about the accomodation I had chosen for my Sydney tour. I don’t book hotels for my tours because the simple fact is I don’t particularly like hotels. I don’t like sharing a wall with strangers, I don’t like having to rely on staff and having staff around, I don’t like the sterility, I don’t like boring white sheets. I also have different requirements to a lot of workers because of my squirting. I have to stay in a place that has at least two full sized beds and a laundry, and I have to bring a suitcase full of towels with me. As a result I prefer to stay in apartments or houses and I think that suits me really well. It is far more comfortable for me, and I also think it fits my ‘brand’ quite well. My incall is the same - it’s my house, and it’s just a normal person’s house.  I had booked my Sydney apartment using AirBnB and I absolutely loved it. The decor was indie and fun, the place very clean, and I felt at home. The client was expecting a hotel. He told me “once you get to the point where you have enough money to not consider cost when deciding where to stay… well… the nice hotels are very nice”. I was very tempted to ask him why he’d booked a $300/hr sex worker if he had that much money, but of course I was polite instead. I work very hard to represent myself accurately online. I don’t photoshop my photos, I am honest with what I say, and I try to show my personality. It’s upsetting when someone expects something I’m not when I’ve gone to such lengths to show who I am. My worst nightmare is someone turning up at my door and being disappointed. That would be awful for them and for me. He told me he used to be a jewellery designer and that you can tell a lot about someone by their jewellery. I held up my hands and asked what my rings said about me. I have three rings - one is my silver $70 engagement ring that is warped and has a cubic zirconia missing. I will never replace that stone because I like it how it is. The second is my silver $200 wedding ring that has my husband’s fingerprint engraved into it. The third is a white gold ring that my parents bought me over 20 years ago and it doesn’t reflect my adult tastes at all. His response was “Well, they’re all made in Thailand”. So again, I bit my tongue and refrained from pointing out that wasn’t information about me and instead said “yeah, I have cheap taste in jewellery”, which is true. I don’t understand jewellery.  I know these were tiny comments, and it was just him trying to impress me with his money (clearly doesn’t know me very well!), but it’s awful for your self esteem when you don’t live up to expectation, and it’s even harder when that expectation has been imposed by someone else. So. I’d like to make it clear that I am not, nor do I want to be, a ‘high class escort’. I don’t desire to be Belle du Jour from Secret Diary of a Call Girl or any of the women in The Girlfriend Experience (don’t get me wrong - I do love watching those shows!). I don’t see any negative in not being ‘high class’ - it’s not something I have ever aspired to be. I am well educated (something I’m incredibly grateful for), I’m intelligent, I’m a very hard worker, I’m caring, and I’m genuine. Those are the qualities that I respect in others and they are the things I constantly aspire to be. I was born and raised in Western Sydney but I went to theatre school, so my accent lies in a strange place somewhere between British royalty and Blacktown.  I fight to keep my rates low because I am not comfortable with the expectation that comes with charging more. I think that I’m very good at my job and I take a lot of pride in it, but when you come to see me I may well have a broken nail, or pimples, and I definitely won’t have plain white sheets on the bed! I won’t be apologising for any of those things because, frankly, I just don’t care about them. Tl;dr - don’t book me if you’re expecting a penthouse suite. 


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