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"Wonderfully receptive and responsive, friendly and warm"

Fantastic lady and equally fantastic value.

A bit of background first. I'm more of a half-hour guy. I could count the number of one hour punts I have had on one hand and still have a few fingers left over. The preference is partially financial but mainly because I am almost always fully sated with the service that I receive in 30 minutes (sometimes, rarely, even twice sated!).

I also tend to visit mature ladies close to my age. It does not happen that often, but ideally I like to have a sense of connection rather than simply getting my rocks off, and I figure that is more likely with someone who has shared experiences based on age.

So how do I find myself parked on the grass verge outside a gorgeous 28 year-old's house at the beginning of a one hour appointment?

Well, I have been around AXR long enough to have read of Jenna's adventures the first time around. I have also read her posts and, in addition to her obvious raw sexuality, I sensed a maturity that might belie her age. When she returned to these pages recently, I decided I didn't want to miss out this time.

I contacted Jenna by private message on AXR last week and she replied promptly. Options were one or two hours, so I chose a one hour get together today.

This was a very different first punt, as I had already read so many first-hand accounts from Jenna and her visitors. On the one hand it was good to know what to expect, but on the other hand I was also conscious of my preconceptions. I tried to put all of these to the back of my mind as I knocked on the door.

Jenna answered wearing a businesslike outfit of a red top and black skirt. She greeted me and asked if I would like a shower, then left me in the bathroom. After my shower, I stepped into the hallway to see an apparition in black lingerie. What followed was a lovely silent introduction, kissing while we stood, gently caressing but not groping (yet!). Jenna was wearing heels, which made her a bit taller than me, although I'm not short. The alternative configuration was interesting - how to kiss the back of her neck and her ear without standing on tippy-toes etc. This wasn't a problem for long though, as I unhooked her black bra and moved down her shoulders to her big beautiful breasts. I started with some stroking underneath, lifting one tit and circling the nipple, before starting with some gentle sucking and, with Jenna's encouragement, harder sucking.

Jenna now slowly dropped to her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth. She started exploring gently but before long was giving me an amazing deep throat blow job, butting her lips against my pubic bone as my entire shaft was engulfed in her warm, wet mouth. She would also regularly gaze up at me with her big beautiful eyes as she bobbed back and forward.

After a while, I asked if I could return the favour. Jenna lay back on the bed and I slipped her panties off to reveal a fully shaved pussy. I sucked her fantastic tits again, working my way down Jenna's body, kissing her stomach, hips, thighs and eventually working to the inner thighs before lightly licking her the hood of her clit with the tip of my tongue, then blowing cool air gently on her slit. I gradually increased the intensity of my tonguing, and also added one finger, then two, inside her gorgeous slippery cunt. I curled my fingers forward, moving them in and out while I continued to tongue her clit. After a surprisingly short time, Jenna groaned, my fingers were literally pushed out of her pussy and I felt the floodgates open. I stayed in place, blowing and licking as an incredible amount of liquid gushed from her. I have never experienced such an intense gushing - ever!

From this point on we exchanged positions several times, her sucking me, me bringing her to more shuddering gushes (working a third finger into the equation, with two in her pussy and one in her arse), and also having covered sex in various positions - her on top - grinding first then fucking; and doggie. She seemed to particularly like that (also with a finger in the bum).

I eventually asked if she wanted to make me cum. She asked where, and I suggested her mouth. She seemed okay with that. She used her wet mouth, spitting onto my cock (what a great visual that was!) and added her hand to the base of my shaft to bring me to a hard, happy climax in her mouth. I was so dizzy with delight that I didn't notice what she did with the spunk, but it didn't matter.

Our hour must've been nearly up but we spent a bit more very pleasant time curled beside each other chatting. Eventually I realised that I had to get going - real life gets in the way again.

I found Jenna to be wonderfully receptive and responsive, friendly and warm. Her service was fantastic too. I'll be saving my pennies to see Jenna again soon, and I wouldn't dream of visiting her for less than an hour!

Originally posted on #AuXXXReviews

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