All prices listed are in AUD, and are inclusive of GST. Australian customers can pay using Beem It (@jennahasredhair) or direct deposit. International customers must use the 'Make it rain' or 'Fund me' options on ManyVids.

To arrange one of these services, please just send an email to and we can get it set up. For texting and phone/video calls we will need to book in a time as I need to be able to give you my full attention. Payment must be cleared before we can begin :)

Please note: You do need to obtain my consent before we begin. Just initiating a sexting session or sending me a dick pic is obviously not okay!

Dick Ratings

Let me tell you what I think

Text rating $20 ($25 intl)

You send me 1-2 pics and I give you a rating out of 10 and write a paragraph about it. I will be completely honest unless you let me know you want me to make it overly positive. 

Text rating $40 ($50 intl)

The same as above, but it is small penis humiliation - a kink service for those who get off on being humiliated :)

Video reaction $60 ($75 intl)

You send me photos and/or videos and I film my reaction opening/watching them, talk about what I see and give a rating. Length depends on what you send me but is a minimum 1 minute. You are welcome to request me to be honest, or for me to be more positive or negative :)


Let's get off together ;)

Filthy porn-star style texting. Can be done via Whatsapp, Kik, Twitter DM, or iMessage. You can send as many photos and videos of yourself as you like. Please let me know beforehand if you would like a particular roleplay or kink. Otherwise we can just go with the flow :) 


15 mins: $30 ($38 intl)

Includes at least 1 naughty photo from me. 

Half hour: $60 ($75 intl)

Includes at least 2 naughty photos from me. 

One hour: $100 ($125 intl)

Includes at least 2 naughty photos and at least 1 short video from me. 

Virtual GF

Date me... from a distance :)

Chat with me like we're lovers. We can be flirty, but no sexting (but you can add a sexting package on top if you'd like us to do that too!), and share pics, but no genitals. Chat about our days, our fears, our hopes, what we like to watch on TV, what we're cooking for dinner, etc. Whatever you like really :) 

Let me know where you live so I can tell you what times will work for both of us. I'd suggest that the evening package would work best for those of you living too far away from AEST (GMT +10), as you may not be able to get the best out of the longer packages. 


Girlfriend for an evening $120 ($140 intl)

Approximately 3 hours of chat time. 


Girlfriend for a day $200

Approximately 8 hours of chat time. 

Girlfriend for a week $500

7 days. Wake up to a good morning and go to bed with a goodnight! A chance to get to really each other and get into some deeper conversation topics. 

Video Call

Face to face... but not!

A chance for us to chat and get to know each other. You might be a regular client who is missing me (and I you!) or maybe you're thinking of seeing me in the future but are afraid we won't 'click'. Or maybe you don't live anywhere near me or don't want to spend the money on an in-person booking and would love to meet anyway :) 


15 mins: $80 ($95 intl)

Half hour: $140 ($170 intl)

One hour: $200 ($240 intl)

Audio only (phone call): $50 per 15 minutes



You can find info on the different options for viewing my pornographic material on the XXX tab of my website. 

Or simply follow the links below to go straight to the site of your choice!



AVN Stars

Just For Fans


Bespoke for the porn connoisseur :p


Custom videos can be purchased via my ManyVids page. If you are in Australia, prices are below: 

2 minutes: $70

5 minutes: $110

10 minutes: $160

15 minutes: $200

Exclusivity: $150 

International customers must purchase through ManyVids. 


3 photos: $20 ($25 Intl)

10 photos: $50 ($65 Intl)