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  • How can I meet you?
    All you need to do is go to the booking page and put in a booking request. I will then either accept or deny (hopefully accept!) the request. Keep an eye on your emails as sometimes the confirmation can go to your junk folder. If it is a tour booking you will receive the information required to make a deposit and that must be done before the booking is confirmed. ​ I understand using a booking form may feel less personal than booking methods I used to use, but my hope is that it will allow me to respond to enquiries more promptly, and provide a better experience for you in person. I get a huge volume of messages, texts, and emails, and I often find it overwhelming and difficult to manage, meaning that I miss important emails, and respond later than I would like. The other option was for me to hire an assistant which would mean you wouldn't be having any interaction with me at all before the booking, and I didn't want that. It's still me on the other end of the online booking system, processing and communicating everything, just with a higher level of automation. ​ If you are having difficulties with the booking form or need to ask questions before making a booking please send an email to
  • Do you work internationally?
    Nope. I don't want to and, honestly, I probably can't. As a sex worker who shows her face in her advertising, I am not allowed to enter a number of countries, including the USA. Please don't ask me to travel to you - it just serves as a reminder of the stigma & discrimination we face.
  • Did you reject my booking?
    If you had your booking cancelled with no explanation from me, I am sorry. While I accept most booking requests that I receive, occasionally I am unable to and it could be for a wide range of reasons. The most common would be: ​ - I am unable to provide particular services you have requested. - You have made me feel unsafe (perhaps by the language you have used or by providing false information) - I have seen you in the past and do not wish to see you again. ​ (Please note: if I have to cancel your booking because of illness or other circumstances, I will let you know, and will be keen to reschedule!
  • Eek! So how do I make sure my booking is accepted?
    I know the above might make it seem stressful, but I promise it really isn't very difficult. If you are honest and respectful, you'll be fine! I'm not easily offended or precious about things, but I am busy and only want to spend time with clients who are genuine and will be real with me - as I will be with you.
  • But what about my privacy?
    I understand the need for discretion, but your privacy is not more important than my safety. If you think it is, I am not the right worker for you. I have no interest in destroying anyone's marriage or family, or getting anyone fired. It would be incredibly detrimental to both my personal and professional life to do so!
  • What can I expect in a booking with you?
    I'm relaxed, down to Earth, and easy to talk to. You'll find yourself feeling comfortable, safe, and able to explore your wants and needs with me. My personal preference is for you to let me know beforehand if there is anything in particular you would like to explore in the session. That way I can make sure I am prepared and able to provide everything to suit your needs. I'm naturally more submissive, so if we haven't had that kind of conversation beforehand, I'm likely to just go with the flow and try to match the vibe I get from you. I don't have a script or a schedule I go by - I like to just spend time together and see what happens! But if there is something that's really important to you in a booking and you don't let me know, then I can't guarantee it will happen!
  • What do I need to bring?
    Basically just the cash! I wish I could offer EFTPOS facilities, but the financial discrimination against sex work just doesn't allow for that. If you'd prefer not to handle cash, you are welcome to pay for the booking electronically via Beem It or direct deposit, so long as it has cleared in my account before the booking. ​ If you have a particular condom you prefer to use, you are welcome to bring a sealed packet of them with you, although I stock the following: - SAX Extra Tighter (46mm nominal width) - Four Seasons Naked Closer (49mm nominal width) - Glyde SlimFit (49mm nominal width) - Four Seasons Naked Classic (53mm nominal width) - SKYN Original (53mm nominal width, latex-free) - Glyde Maxi (56mm nominal width) - SKYN Large (56mm nominal width, latex-free) - Glyde SuperMax (60mm nominal width) - Four Seasons Naked Larger (60mm nominal width) - SAX Super Max (64mm nominal width) - Four Seasons Naked King Size (64mm nominal width) - FC2 Female Condom (76mm nominal width, latex-free) - DAMS: Glyde Sheer Dams - Rubber gloves ​ I have body wash (normally mildly scented or unscented) and mouthwash, and at my incall I have spray deodorant, spare toothbrushes and combs. If you have a preference for toiletries, you are welcome to bring your own!
  • Can I request an outfit?
    Yes please! Honestly the more information you give me about what you like, the better. I may not be able to accomodate all outfit requests of course, but I'll try to do what I can. ​ If you find a particular outfit online or in store that you would like to see me in, you're welcome to buy it for me! I'm a size 14-16, bra size 14F/16E, shoe size 9.5
  • What services do you offer?
    I offer everything in the one price - no extras. It's my philosophy that you are paying to spend time with me, not for a specific list of services. I tend to adapt based on the client, so if I feel you are looking for more of a girlfriend experience, I will go down that route, if you are leading me towards more of a pornstar vibe, I'll get right to it! Feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you are after, or even send me a list, and I'll make sure I can accomodate you.
  • Right so... what services do you offer?
    It is honestly easier for me to say what I WON'T do, but here goes. This is a list of things I am comfortable with. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's all I can come up with: Oral stuff - Kissing - BBBJ* (or CBJ if you would prefer) - DATY (oral on me, with or without a dam) - Rimming** (on you and me) ​ Butt stuff ​ - Anal fingering/prostate massage (on you) - Pegging (I use a strap-on on you) - Rimming** (on you and me) Other stuff - Light bondage - Basic role play/Dress ups (schoolgirl, maid, secretary, nurse) - Dirty talk - Squirting - Anal fisting (on you) - DFK (passionate kissing) - Toys (I have butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, etc) - Spanking - Golden shower (on you) - Sensual massage * BBBJ is dependent on you showering and me performing a health check. If you have phimosis and thus I cannot see the glans (head), I will use a condom. ** I will, of course, only be comfortable rimming you if you have showered upon arrival. I may also use a dam for this service.
  • Okay so what DON'T you do?
    Anal on me Showering together Anything involving vomit, spit, poop or blood. Anything involving people under the age of 18 or animals Tongue sucking, face licking, or tongue-only kissing (with no lips involved). I adore kissing, but this stuff makes me ill BBFS (sex without a condom). And it's a very hard no. It's a "well now you're on my blacklist for even asking" no. Sorry to be harsh about it, but it's just not something I'm prepared to deal with. Any request or attempt at natural sex will result in the immediate termination of the booking
  • And what do YOU like?
    I like it all. I love pleasing people and making people feel good, so if you're happy then I'm usually happy too! But, in the interests of answering the question, these are the things I like best: ​ DFK - I don't think sex is complete without passionate kissing. I love to kiss and be intimate. But if you try to choke me with your tongue I'm not going to pretend to enjoy that Squirting - This is something I can't really control - if you come to see me, you are likely to get wet. BBBJ - Nothing turns me on more than giving head. I absolutely love it. Group sex - Sex with one person is awesome. Sex with more is that much better! Chatting & laughing - I'm not one to take sex too seriously. I enjoy having a laugh and chatting along the way
  • What don't you enjoy?
    These are things that I don't really like: 69 and face sitting Clitoral stimulation while having sex Any direct clitorial stimulation (pulling back the hood) - ouch! And while I obviously enjoy orgasms, they do take a lot out of me. I'm a human being and, after 20 or so orgasms, I am usually pretty desperate for a break and some water!
  • Do you see women & NB folk?
    Yep! I love seeing clients of all genders & sexualities :) I'm a cisgendered woman (although I have a complicated relationship to my gender), and pansexual.
  • Do you see couples?
    Absolutely! I'm pansexual, and experienced with women, so I'm very happy to play with both men, women, and non-binary individuals. Couples bookings are some of my favourites! My standard rates apply.
  • What about two straight guys?
    Look, I love cock. The more the merrier. I charge $200 extra per hour for each additional man, and need to have had a solo booking with at least one of the men first.
  • Do you see virgins & inexperienced clients?
    Yep! I've seen plenty of clients who are "virgins" or who have very limited experience in both sexual and romantic situations. I also have experience seeing clients who have experienced sexual trauma and are looking to explore in a safer space. I'm not a qualified therapist or counsellor, but am really honoured to be a part of your journey of discovery.
  • Are you kinky?
    I've never thought of myself as kinky. But that doesn't mean I'm vanilla! I prefer to use the term 'open-minded'. I'm happy to take part in most things and will probably enjoy them, but the reason I don't identify with the word 'kinky' is because I don't need kink to get off, and my brain doesn't tend to think of kinky stuff on it's own. If you ask me what I want to do I'd most likely just want to have a quickie and then cuddle up and fall asleep in each other's arms. But if you suggest some of your kinkiest fantasies to me, I'll probably nod excitedly in agreement! I'm just as happy having a good old missionary fuck as I am being tied down and denied orgasms or with my fist up a guy's butt.
  • Are you more sub or dom?
    To start with, I have no training in BDSM. I don't offer full kink/BDSM sessions, but I do enjoy bringing some aspects of that world into love making. Naturally, I'm much more submissive in the bedroom. I love to be spanked, have my hair pulled and do what I'm told. I can partake in activities that are traditionally considered more dominant, like fisting you and pegging, but I am not able to be degrading, or talk or act like a domme. If you want someone who is going to walk in, take charge, and use you as their toy... I'm not your girl!
  • I'd love to buy you a gift - what should I get?
    Please know that gifts are not necessary, but of course they are appreciated! Check out my wishlist page for ideas. ​ It's best if you don't bring me anything edible. I have some health conditions that mean I need to stick to a specific diet, and I am absolutely terrible at impulse control if you put something yummy in front of me! Thankyou for your support in this.
  • Can I have more than one orgasm?
    You can cum as much as you like! We can even have a competition to see who can cum the most... but fair warning, I will win.
  • Are you really a squirter?
    Yes. Ridiculous amounts. It's very easy for me to orgasm, and I squirt most of the time when I cum. I wouldn't want to guarantee something like that just in case for some reason it didn't happen one time, but it has never not happened yet, so that's about as close to a guarantee as you're going to get!
  • Do you make explicit content?
    I do! My XXX page has info on this! ​ And if you haven't already, you should check out my Twitter as I post lots of nudes there too :)
  • Do you smoke/drink/party?
    Nope. Nope nope nope. None of the above. I've never smoked a cigarette, never had a drop of alcohol, and I've never tried any non-prescription drugs. I'm not judgemental about any of those things, but they're just not for me :)
  • Can I bring amyl/poppers?
    Yep, that's no issue at all - just please be careful not to wave it around my face :)
  • Do you offer Skype dates/virtual bookings?
    I do! You can click on the 'Virtual' tab to find out what's on offer, or head to 'Book' to book one in! Please note: I don't always offer virtual bookings - I generally only offer them at times when I am unable to offer in-person services as my preference is to see you in the flesh!
  • Are you really married?
    Yes, I am. And I'm open about that because I don't really agree with the 'buying a fantasy' idea of sex work. When you pay to spend time with me, you don't get a fantasy - you get me. A married woman who is a sex worker. Something that actually isn't that uncommon, it's just that many sex workers understandably choose to keep their partners out of the spotlight. ​ Yes, my husband knows all about my work and no, he won't come home in the middle of a booking - he has absolutely no interest in putting himself in that situation! ​ I'm polyamorous, so I also have two other partners. No, I'm not looking to add another to my plate :)
  • What is your job?
    This is my job :)
  • Have you had any bad experiences?
    Yo, why would you ask that? That's a weird thing to ask a stranger.
  • Do you have hobbies?
    Yes! I spend a lot of my spare time volunteering. Too much of my spare time, really! But I've always loved volunteering more than actually earning money (sex work is the first job I ever tried that wasn't ruined for me the second I started being paid for it... so I stuck with it!). I'm heavily involved in local community stuff, and sex work activism. I'm currently the Secretary for Scarlet Alliance which is Australia's federally funded national sex worker association. I also love to do crafty projects, play video games and board games (mostly trivia), and I can often be found sitting up late at night in my office excitedly creating a schedule or spreadsheet.
  • Let's discuss politics/religion!
    Yeah it might come as a surprise, but serious & heavy topics actually come up quite a lot in sessions! I have no issue discussing them, but you should know that I'm a leftie (it's kind of compulsory when you get your hooker card) and an atheist, so if you start spouting right-wing or religious rhetoric, my pussy will dry right up. Political discourse around human rights, feminism, anti-racism, compassion, empathy, and skepticism on the other hand... well you'll just about have a waterfall on your hands. ​ To be clear, I'm a big "live and let live" kinda woman. You do you and I'll do me. Just thought a heads up on my leanings could be useful intel for you to have!
  • Definitions
    I thought it might be helpful to provide some definitions! Not all of these apply to me, but hopefully are helpful for your experiences with the sex industry :) INDUSTRY TERMS Sex worker: Anyone who works in the sex industry Full service sex worker: A sex worker who has sex with their clients (sometimes referred to as an escort) Private/independent sex worker: A worker who works for themselves - aka not for a brothel or agency Adult content creator: Porn performer & producer Doubles booking: A booking with two sex workers. Unless they have an advertised discounted rate, this will usually cost the same amount of both of their rates combined. Couples booking: When two people who are in a romantic or sexual relationship with each other (usually male/female) make a booking with a sex worker Touring: Travelling to different cities to work from. Touring incurs a number of upfront costs and thus often requires deposits, and bookings made well in advance. Incall: The provider hosts (staying in, from the provider's perspective) Outcall: The client hosts (going out, from the provider's perspective) SERVICES BBBJ: Bareback blowjob (a blowjob without a condom) CBJ: Condom blowjob CIM: Cum in mouth CIMWS: Cum in mouth with swallow COB: Cum on breasts/body DT: Deepthroat DATY: Dining at the Y (Cunnilingus) Pegging: A strap-on used on a male MSOG: Multiple shots on goal - means you can orgasm more than once BBFS: Bareback full service (vaginal sex without a condom) BLS: Ball licking & sucking DFK: Deep French Kissing (kissing with tongue) LK: Light Kissing (no tongue) Greek: Anal sex HJ: Handjob Frottage: Rubbing a penis on a vulva without a condom. CBT: Cock and ball torture
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