How should I go about booking you?

My preferred method of booking is by email. The best thing to do is send an email to (inventive, I know). Please supply your full name and phone number, when you are hoping to book for, whereabouts (incall or outcall and which state), how long you would like the booking to go for, and what kind of experience you might be after. 

Are your photos real?

Yes. Aside from the usual photo editing techniques like cropping and fixing white balance, my photos are 100% accurate. I'm not comfortable with my appearance being edited as I want you to know exactly what to expect. You can check out my Twitter for lots of selfies - @jennahasredhair

Are your boobs real?

Yep. 100% mine. Plastic surgery scares me a bit! 

Do you have any explicit material?

There are photos and videos featuring explicit content on my IWantFanClub. There are solo scenes, boy/girl, FFM, MMF, lots of toys and LOTS of squirting!

On ManyVids you can find individual videos to purchase, as well as the subscription option MVCrush, and custom videos. 

Do you really squirt?

Yes. Ridiculous amounts. It's very easy for me to orgasm, and I squirt most of the time when I cum. I wouldn't want to guarantee something like that just in case for some reason it didn't happen one time, but it has never not happened yet, so that's about as close to a guarantee as you're going to get! 

Are you really married?

Yes, I am. And I'm open about that because I don't really agree with the 'buying a fantasy' idea of sex work. When you pay to spend time with me, you don't get a fantasy - you get me. A married woman who is a sex worker. 

Yes, my husband knows all about my work and no, he won't come home in the middle of a booking - he has absolutely no interest in putting himself in that situation!

I'd love to buy you a gift - what should I get?

Firstly, take a look at my wishlist here!

If you are just looking for something smaller to bring along to your booking, here are some suggestions:

I drink Coke Zero/No Sugar and still or sparkling water (and V if I'm on tour!). Please do not buy me alcohol. I do not drink and I don't like having alcohol in my house. I like chocolate - particularly anything with nuts in it! Flowers are nice, and I like having them in my house, but they aren't very suitable if I'm on tour. Gift vouchers for any of the following stores will also be put to good use: Review, Dangerfield, Bras N Things, Honey Birdette, Sephora, Mecca, Priceline, Coles/Myer. 

What should I expect in a booking with you?

I'm relaxed, down to Earth, and easy to talk to. You'll find yourself feeling comfortable, safe, and able to explore your wants and needs with me. 


My personal preference is for you to let me know beforehand what you would like in your session. That way I can make sure I am prepared and able to provide everything to suit your needs. I'm naturally more submissive, so if we haven't had that kind of conversation beforehand, I'm likely to just go with the flow and try to match the vibe I get from you. I don't have a script or a schedule I go by - I like to just spend time together and see what happens! 

Can I cum more than once?

You can cum as much as you like! We can even have a competition to see who can cum the most... but fair warning, I will win. 

What are your measurements?

I'm 167cm, size 14 with a 14G bust. So I'm certainly not skinny, but I'm well proportioned and curvy. I have long red hair and blue eyes. I'm not a model, but I think that I have a pretty face with big eyes and kissable lips. I'm 30 years old, but often mistaken for younger so I'll take that as a plus! 

What services do you offer?

As mentioned, I offer everything in the one price. It's my philosophy that you are paying to spend time with me, not for a specific list of services. I tend to adapt based on the client, so if I feel you are looking for more of a girlfriend experience, I will go down that route, if you are leading me towards more of a pornstar vibe, I'll get right to it! Feel free to let me know if there is anything in particular you are after, or even send me a list, and I'll make sure I can accomodate you. 

But really, what services do you offer?

It is honestly easier for me to say what I WON'T do, but here goes. This is a list of things I am comfortable with. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's all I can come up with: 


Oral stuff

BBBJ with DT and CIMWS (CBJ if you would prefer), COB, COF


69 (just be prepared you might drown if I'm on top!) 

Butt stuff 

Rimming (on you and me) 

Anal play (on you and me) 

Anal sex


DP (with a toy or another man) 


Other stuff

Light bondage

Role play/Dress ups (schoolgirl, maid, secretary)

Dirty talk


Pussy fisting (can't be guaranteed) 

Anal fisting (on you) 



Toys (I have butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, etc)


Okay, so what DON'T you offer?

Right, NOW you're talking. Aside from the obvious (kids, animals, dead bodies...), really the only thing that gets a hard no from me is BBFS. And it's a very hard no. It's a "well now you're on my blacklist for even asking" no. Sorry to be harsh about it, but it's just not something I'm prepared to deal with. Any request or attempt at natural sex will result in the immediate termination of the booking. I also don't like to do anything involving vomit, spit, poop or blood. 

What do YOU like?

I like it all. I love pleasing people and making people feel good, so if you're happy then I'm usually happy too! But, in the interests of answering the question, these are the things I like best:

DFK - I don't think sex is complete without passionate kissing. I love to kiss and be intimate. 

Squirting - This is something I can't really control - if you come to see me, you are likely to get wet. 

BBBJ - Nothing turns me on more than giving head. I absolutely love it. 

Dirty talk - Dirty talk really gets me going, but I don't think I'm very good at doing it myself - practise makes perfect though! 

Group sex - sex with one person is awesome. Sex with more is that much better! 

Is this your full time job?

Yes it is :) 

Can you accomodate couples?

Absolutely! I'm bisexual, and experienced with women, so I'm very happy to play with both men and women. 

What about another guy?

Look, I love cock. The more the merrier. I charge $200 extra per hour for each additional man. 

Do you smoke/drink/party?

Nope. Nope nope nope. None of the above. I've never smoked a cigarette, never had a drop of alcohol, and I've never tried any non-prescription drugs. I'm not judgemental about any of those things, but they're just not for me :) 

Can I request an outfit?

Yes please! Honestly the more information you give me about what you like, the better. I may not be able to accomodate all outfit requests of course, but I'll try to do what I can. Feel free to let me know how you would like my hair and makeup done as well - I'm a trained hair and makeup artist, so I love fulfilling a brief! 

If you find a particular outfit online or in store that you would like to see me in, you're welcome to buy it for me! I'm a size 14-16, bra size 14G/16F, shoe size 9.5

Are you kinky?

I've never thought of myself as kinky. But that doesn't mean I'm vanilla! I prefer to use the term 'open-minded'. I'm happy to take part in most things and will probably enjoy them, but the reason I don't identify with the word 'kinky' is because I don't need kink to get off, and my brain doesn't tend to think of kinky stuff on it's own. But if you suggest some of your kinkiest fantasies to me, I'll probably nod excitedly in agreement! I'm just as happy having a good old missionary fuck as I am being tied down and denied orgasms or with my fist up a guy's butt.

Are you more sub or dom?

To start with, I have no training in BDSM. I don't offer full kink/BDSM sessions, but I do enjoy bringing some aspects of that world into love making. Naturally, I'm much more submissive in the bedroom. I love to be spanked, have my hair pulled and do what I'm told. I can partake in activities that are traditionally considered more dominant, like facesitting, fisting and pegging, but I am not able to be degrading, or talk or act like a domme. 

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