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I say that, but I'm no mentor. 

I won't tell you how to run your business, as I think one of the best things about the sex industry is the ability to work in a way that suits you, and that one of the most important things is to trust your gut. I am not able to offer financial or legal advice of course, but I can offer my brain for you to pick. I can tell you how I do things and what has worked and what hasn't for me, and you can decide what you take away from that. 

I'm an open book and am always happy to share my thoughts and experiences with peers. Below are some of the things people have wanted to chat to me about in the past, but really I'm up for anything! 

  • Full service sex work

  • Online sex work 

  • Touring

  • Social media management

  • Relationships/dating as a SWer

  • Scheduling & organisation

  • Safety strategies 

  • Setting up a business & basic bookkeeping


30 minute video call: $100 

60 minute video call: $200 

GST inclusive. A tax invoice is available upon request 

To book in, simply head to the booking page, scroll down to "For fellow SWers only" and select your preferred length, time, and date. You will receive an email confirming your request has gone through. When I accept the request you will receive an email with payment information and then, when I receive your payment you will receive a final confirmation email with all the info you will need :) 


This service is available to current, established sex workers as well as those who are considering entering the industry or who have just dipped their toes in. I'm happy to speak to anyone who fits this description*, but please be aware that of course I only know of my own experience, so it is likely most suited to cis-gendered white women. 

*except cishet men. Honestly, there's no point. I don't know the first thing about that area of the industry and my main advice is to suck dick like the rest of us. I'll give you that much for free.

Please note

I strongly believe in free peer support and am always happy to answer a quick question here or there from current sex workers who slide into my DMs, but the "Pick Jenna's Brain" service might be more suitable if you are wanting a more dedicated and focused chat, or if you are quite new to the industry. Another option would be to reach out to your local peer sex worker org (the Australian ones are listed below), as they have a lot of wonderful resources, trained peer outreach workers, updated knowledge of relevant laws, and referral lists. 

National (Scarlet Alliance)




Queensland (Respect Inc)


Tasmania (Scarlet Alliance)

Victoria (Vixen Collective)


WA (Magenta)

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