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Virtual Services

All virtual services must be paid for at the time of booking (all rates inclusive of GST), and I require the same screening information as I do for all bookings (name, phone number, email)

When you make a booking, it sends me a request. I will then either approve or deny the request. If I approve it you will be sent the payment info. When I receive payment I will confirm your service :)

Dick Ratings

Let me tell you what I think

Text rating

You send me 1-3 pics (and a short video if you wish) and I give you a rating out of 10 and write a paragraph about it. 

Text rating

Video reaction & rating

You send me photos and/or videos and I film my reaction opening/watching them, talk about what I see and give a rating. Length depends on what you send me but is a minimum 1 minute. 

Video rating

Small penis humiliation

This is a kink service for those who enjoy being humiliated. If this is for you, simply add on "Small penis humiliation"

Text rating + SPH

Video rating + SPH


Let's get off together ;)

Filthy porn-star style texting. Can be done via WhatsApp, Kik, Twitter DM, or iMessage. You can send as many photos and videos of yourself as you like. Please let me know beforehand if you would like a particular roleplay or kink. Otherwise we can just go with the flow :) 

15 minutes

30 minutes

Pics & Short Vids

Need some visual aids? Simply add on 'pics & short vids' and I'll send through what I'm getting up to during our chat

15 mins + pics/vids

30 mins + pics/vids

Virtual GF

Date me... from a distance :)

Chat with me like we're lovers. We can be flirty, but no sexting, and share pics, but no genitals. Chat about our days, our fears, our hopes, what we like to watch on TV, what we're cooking for dinner, etc. Whatever you like really :) 

3 hours

8 hours

Video Call

Face to face... but not!


A chance for us to chat and get to know each other. You might be a regular client who is missing me (and I you!) or maybe you're thinking of seeing me in the future but are afraid we won't 'click'. Or maybe you don't live anywhere near me or don't want to spend the money on an in-person booking and would love to meet anyway :) 


Happy to talk about absolutely whatever you like, but we both keep our clothes on!

15 minutes

30 minutes

60 minutes

Nudity & XXX Play


Looking for a bit more? We can get up to whatever you like in this - I'll show you my body, I can play with toys or use my hands, and you're also welcome to show me as little or as much as you like! 

15 mins + nude show

30 mins + nude show

60 mins + nude show

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