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I am lucky enough to have some wonderful friends in this industry. The workers listed below are people I always look forward to working with and will also always recommend for solo bookings. If you have someone else in mind, just let me know, as I'll most likely be keen to work with them too! There are plenty of providers I would love to meet, but I've only listed here those I have actually spent time with and feel comfortable recommending based on that. 


 Also I have put these in alphabetical order and based on location, not in any order of preference - don't make me pick between these gorgeous people - that's up to you!

Please note that, given booking me alone requires plenty of notice, booking me AND one of my busy friends at the same time requires even more notice! 

To arrange a doubles booking you can either send an email to with "Doubles Booking" as the subject, or you can check the other provider's availability first and then book in using my online form. To make a booking with me and CC Bandit (Blue Mountains/Sydney only) or Holly Harte (Canberra only), simply choose that option on the booking page!



  • The generally accepted etiquette is that the total fee is twice the cost of the higher provider's rate, unless otherwise stated below.

  • If the double is taking place at my home in the lower Blue Mountains, my incall rates apply

  • If the double is taking place at your place, the other provider's place, or at a hotel, my outcall rates apply

  • If the double is taking place while I am on tour, my tour rates apply 

Available in Sydney or the Blue Mountains:



Twitter: @ccbanditt

Instagram: @ccbanditt

My long-time friend, lover, and snuggle buddy, CC is will have you melting into ecstasy while trying not to laugh at her dad jokes. You can book in directly to see us together here

Doubles from:


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.14.59 am.png


Twitter: @KeiraSydney

Instagram: @curvykeira

Bubbly, vivacious, and very sexual! Keira is a passionate girl next door who is always eager to please. She is tall and curvy with dark red hair :) 

Doubles from:


Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 11.03.59 pm.png


Twitter: @summerknightx

Delightfully cheeky, Summer is a fellow squirter who loves threesomes as much as I do and is an absolute minx in the bedroom! 

Doubles from:


Available in Melbourne (when I tour Melbourne) or Sydney (when they tour Sydney):

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 8.31.22 pm.png



Twitter: @TheAliceGrey

Instagram: @thealicegrey

Witty, silly, and a science nerd, Alice is my kind of woman. She is warm and sensual and so much fun in bed!

Doubles from:


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.47.59 am.png



Twitter: @TheLovelyIsla

Instagram: @islarambles

Sensual, authentic, and quirky. Isla is an old soul in the body of a free-spirited sweetheart. 

Doubles from:


Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.19.23 am.png



Twitter: @SwintonCharlie

Instagram: @charlieswinton

My favourite MILFy, Charlie is petite but full of fire! She is organic, playful, and a total team player.

Doubles from:




Twitter: @GeorgieWolf

The brains behind The Satisfaction Project and Art of the Hook Up, you can be assured Georgie KNOWS what she is doing in the bedroom!

Doubles from:


Available in Newcastle (when I tour Newcastle) or Sydney (when they tour Sydney):




Twitter: @katekingxx

Instagram: @kate.kingxx

Artistic, intelligent and a lover of travel, Kate is made for this job. She is sensual, intimate, and a joy to be around. 

Doubles from:


Available in Canberra only:




Twitter: @gfeholly

Holly is an absolute delight! She's down to earth, genuine, warm, and friendly. And there's always endless fun and laughs to be had when we're together! You can book in directly here when I'm touring Canberra. 

Doubles from:


Available in Melbourne only:




Twitter: @CarlaRinaldi_

Carla is delightfully naughty, warm and engaging. A passionate girlfriend or a bossy Domme

Doubles from:


Available in Melbourne only:

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