Sunday 15th December (5pm-11pm)

Monday 16th December (5pm-11pm)

Tuesday 17th December (10am-7pm)

Wednesday 18th December

(10am-11pm - doubles with Isla Fae only)

Unfortunately I am currently waiting on dates for surgeries that I need to have. As such, I am not currently planning any tours for 2020 as I wouldn't want to have to cancel them. 

Rest assured, once I am recovered I will be back to my regular touring schedule! 


Twenty four hours: $4500

Overnight - Fifteen hours: $3,200

Overnight - Twelve hours: $2,700

Full day - Eight hours: $2,600

Five hours: $2,000

Four hours: $1,700

Three hours: $1,400

Two hours: $1,000

1.5 hours: $750

One hour: $500

Half hour: $300

15 minutes: $200 (BJ only)


  • All tour bookings require an approximately 20% deposit. ​Deposits can be paid by direct deposit, ATM cash deposit or Beem It. Please view the cancellation policy here. 

  • COF, golden showers on my face, fisting, and showers for two are not provided on tour.

  • Any requests for outfits or toys must be received at least two days before the commencement of the tour.

SWA 11072 XE