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"A sex siren for sure"

I have like many of us been consumed by the volume of positive reviews and overall feedback on Jenna, I'd make some preliminary enquiries as to prospective availability, as she'd indicated previously that she visits Sydney and sometimes works in Sydney. Clearly that would have been less of journey from Northern Beaches of Sydney. Dealing with Jenna was very straight forward, pleasant, and very warm in her replies ! Good start and a good indicator ! I actually thought what the F*** I'm going to make it happen, so I simply looked as it as my car was my office for the morning and took calls, Blaxland really isn't nowhere near as far as I suspected, and the toll roads seem to make it even more straight forward.

Anyhow I'd make my appointment over the w-end, for a mid week hump day extravaganza ! I arrived early, Jenna was most accommodating, see the theme here. Upon arrival we DFK and before I knew it my hand and fingers were inside her pants and the kissing stepped up a notch and I wasn't even undressed and she was soaking....outstanding skills Jenna ! Things progressed and we were both naked in no time, I was feasting on those lovely tasty boobies (naturalle !) and then she dropped to her knees and DT me, I'm above average and she took the lot and gagged on it....spitting on it and all around wonderful filth.....I returned the flavour and after kissing her all over, including some nice foot and toes action - yes I have a foot fetish..... then I hit the jackpot and ate her out whilst playing with her pussy and butt....more juices and plenty of noises....she is a sex siren for sure.....

Proceeded to pump per doggy, then some rear action....then.................everything everything anything - this beautiful women, is educated, genuine, sexy as F*** AND an absolute credit to the Adult Industry - Take a BOW My gorgeous Red Diva....Yum Yum...

Thinking up scenarios for my 2nd visit - which won't be too far away......

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