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"A very interesting and intelligent lady and great to just sit there and talk too"

So after a week of waiting with baited breath i finally made it to see Jenna.

This my first 1 on 1 with her have attended 3 of her gangbangs before

Arrived at her house in what is a lovely part of the world, reminded me of my old home town in the gold coast hinterland.

Anyway after saying hello to the neighbour as i walked to the door and knocking, Jenna opened the door and all i can think off is this lady is even more beautiful then the last time i saw her (mind you last time i saw her was at her gangbang and she was doing what she loves).

The morning started with a great embrace in the lounge before i headed to the shower and after i finished this divine angel appeared and from there it was total magic.

From the shower the her love nest what followed was something that i can only say was magic and before i knew it i could control myself any longer and the first shot was away. Now i show also be noted that not only is Jenna good, no, awesome in the bed but is a very interesting and intelligent lady and great to just sit there and talk too, which I loved as i have never really had much of a chance to chat with her in the past

Anyway after a great chat we got back into it and GOD it was as good if not better then the first, those of you who know her and have seen her know what i mean as those of you that haven't you dont know what you are missing.

Only set back to the whole visit was as i was leaving i twisted my ankle on the last step leading to the drive way but i guess that was because my mind was away in the great field of jenna ecstasy. Cant wait to get back up to the mountains and pay her another visit...

Or hopefully jenna can find some time and we can all enjoy her for a great gangbang again.

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