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"An absolute star"

Made the booking about five days beforehand (thanks Unc) and Jenna texted me her address two days ago.

Parked on the grass outside, as instructed, and entered the house. A neighbour was walking round the side of his house and looked at me – wonder what he thinks, I thought.

Knocked on the front door, again as instructed, and the door was opened. Jenna was wearing her schoolgirl’s uniform (as requested by this Dirty Old Man) and immediately gave me a passionate kiss.

Jenna has a very pretty face and a curvaceous figure – the buttons on her white blouse were almost popping off as they struggled to retain her magnificent tits.

I handed over a couple of gifts and had a quick shower before joining her in the bedroom.

The bed was covered with several towels – promising, I thought.

We stood by the bed for some more DFK and mutual groping. I discovered that Jenna was knickerless under her schoolgirl’s mini-skirt and was already very wet.

She squatted in front of me and started sucking me.

With the various Asian WLs I’ve been with, I’ve occasionally said that they “went quite deep”. Jenna rewrote my expectations of a DTBBBJ – she went all the way to the base of my shaft (and I’m not small) and I could feel my cock going way down her throat. Absolutely brilliant!

Being a well-brought up English gent, I exclaimed “Blimey”. Jenna burst out laughing and said no-one had ever said “Blimey” to her before.

Her DTBBBJ was just fantastic and I soon had to lie down.

From now on everything was just a blur – it was full on and time just flew past. It just blew my mind and sorry but I might get some of the action in the wrong order.

Jenna continued to blow me – still going really deep, to the extent of gagging on occasions, not a hint of teeth, lots of saliva, great eye-contact and no interruptions – to my mind, the definition of the perfect BJ.

Meanwhile I was rubbing her clit and she was soon squirting – I have never encountered anything like it. You can tell when it’s going to happen – Jenna tenses up makes a particular moaning noise and suddenly you’re soaked.

After several squirts as a result of me rubbing her clit, I suggest she move round for some 69. “Are you sure you’re ready for it?” she asked.

She sat on my face and in no time she was squirting over my face.

This happened about four times before she dismounted and started DFKing me again.

I knelt by her head so she could blow me some more while I continued to rub her clit and inserted some digits (more squirting) and I also stuck a finger up her ass at the same time.

It’s amazing when she is about to squirt while you have fingers inside her as everything in there seems to change shape and position. It all just tightens up and Jenna pushes your hand away just before the explosion.

I took my sodden fingers out of her pussy, asked whether she like the taste of herself and stuck my fingers in her mouth – Jenna just lapped it up.

There has been some discussion on another thread about whether it is urine or a mixture with something else. As I’m now an expert (!!!), I must say that, in Jenna’s case, it doesn’t smell like urine, it has a “soapy/lubricating” feel which, I guess, urine doesn’t have and it doesn’t taste like what I expect urine would taste like (it’s not bitter or unpleasant).

Around this stage we had a bit of a break and Jenna lay in my arms and just stroked my cock, but that didn’t last long.

Soon she was sucking me again – more brilliant DTBBBJ.

Time was moving on so I suggested we fuck and Jenna grabbed a condom. I asked whether I could later cum in her mouth - she grinned and said “Of course”. I pushed my luck and asked whether I could cum on her face – “That’s better still” she said. (I’ve never had a COF before).

We had some doggie with me standing behind her at the edge of the bed.

Jenna was nice and tight and really went off – I could tell when she was getting aroused as the skin on her arms and the top of her back blushed pink.

I stuck a thumb up her back passage and she asked for some lube so I applied some.

I asked whether anal was OK and Jenna said it was but asked that I take it gently because of my size.

I tried to squeeze in but it was too tight so I went back to her pussy.

Jenna was writhing and squirming around and I had to stop myself from cumming as I wanted that COF.

I had another go at anal and got some of the way in and managed a bit of a pounding but it was time to cum so I withdrew and removed the condom.

I asked Jenna how she wanted to do the “cum on face” bit and she lay on her back with her head over the edge of the bed while I stood over her.

This was just brilliant as she DTBBBJ’d me some more while we took it in turns to rub her clit (more squirting).

Soon I just wanked until I came on her face – as I said, another first for me.

Jenna tidied up and I just collapsed.

We had a great chat and soon it was 30 minutes over the hour.

I showed Jenna my “draft” of the joke bumper sticker and she just loved it and said she’d email me a higher-resolution version of her avatar (the one I copied off the forum didn’t really work).

After a quick shower I had to leave and stumbled back to my car.

Jenna is a lovely girl and it was a fantastic, full on, PSE (times 100) session.

IMHO, a session with Jenna is one for the bucket list of things you must do before you die. (And you'll probably find yourself coming back for more.)

Jenna – I know you’ll read this. I hope it’s an accurate summary of our session. As I said, it was a bit of a mind-blowing blur for a novice like me.

You’re an absolute star and, as I said in my email, definitely high in my Top Ten.

After my foursome (or is a five-some?) with four girls at Bonza a couple of days before Christmas, I wrote "The trouble is, where do I go from here? I've peaked. How can I better that?" Well I think I've just found a higher peak.

Originally posted on #AuXXXReviews

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