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"An awesome blur"

Since my first encounter with Charlie/ MILFy back in September, I've always been on a lookout for her next Sydney tour. We've kept in touch and I've bumped into her last year at Melbourne SEXPO which was good fun. Anyway when MILFy announced her return to Sydney back in December there was only one thing to do, pick up where we left the last time MILFy was in Sydney, booking & deposit paid and I was in for a very long wait. Over the next few week I had a brilliant idea, somewhere in MILFy profile she said she's a team player, and I just happen to know a great addition to the team by the name of Jenna Love that I've seen a few time already. I inform Jenna about MILFy tour and ask if she would be interested in joining to which she was eagerly happy and excited to join.

Months, turn to week and finally come the day I've been waiting for. MILFy greeted me at the beautiful hotel lift she was staying and I instantly had flashback to the first time we met, she was as beautiful as I remember. Inside the lift we had a quick chat about our day and when we reach the room I was greeted by the lovely Jenna. I'm not going to go into details of what happen for the next 2 hours mainly as everything was a blur of mutual pleasuring between 3 people but what I'll say is, if you ever want to have a great time with two lovely ladies in Sydney look no further as this two redheads are the winning team combination. They genuinely enjoy each other presence that I'm sure they are waiting for another booking together or for a more relaxing one on one booking with you.

Since this encounter was an awesome blur, I'm thinking if I should book MILFy if she's not already booked out for the week after as a birthday gift to myself when she tour Canberra, its only a 2 hours drive from Sydney, :lol:. MILFy and Jenna, if you are reading this thank you for the awesome time!

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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