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"Another wonderful time with this terrific lady."

Sent Jenna an email a couple of weeks ago to book at date, knowing she would have moved by then, usual reliable reply from Jenna and the date and time was set.

I enjoyed the lovely drive to her new area, she advised I could park out the front of the house. I was a little early so I went for a drive around admiring the scenery.

Parked the car out the front of her house and then knocked on the front door. Jenna answered in beautiful lingerie.

I stepped into the front door area and that was as far as I got, before we were in each others arms madly kissing away, this girl is the most fantastic kisser.

I slowly unhooked and peeled away her bra holder her wonderful boobs, and could not resist to kiss and lick her nipples.

Jenna's breath got heavier and heavier and her moans louder and louder, I then made my way back up to her lips again.

Jenna unbuttoned my shirt and had my pants around my ankles, I knelt down and peeled away her undies and licked and fingered her pussy, it wasn't long before Jenna came all over my face.

I made my way back up to her soft lips, she had my hard cock in her hand and placed a DOM on it, she smiled at me and turned around and bent over, inviting me to fuck her hard from behind.

My cock slid easily inter her wet pussy, she placed her hands on the wall and looked into the mirror, with her eyes guiding me to fuck her.

I banged away from behind, giving her gorgeous ass a nice slap every so often, with Jenna telling me to fuck her harder.

The sight of Jenna bent over in front of me, looking back at me in the mirror, with me behind her with my pants around my ankles, made it hard to hang on so I let myself go and the first load was gone.

We relaxed and kissed, before picking our clothes up from the floor and Jenna showing me the house. We walked up stairs and she opened the door to her new sex room.

We chattered for a while, before rounds two commenced, with copious amounts of kissing, licking and sucking from both of us, Jenna put another DOM on and we swapped various positions before I lost me 2nd load.

Clean up and chat again and then round 3, Jenna had my cock in her mouth and she felt fantastic, she sucked and licked my cock, going from deep throat, to licking my shaft and rolling her tongue around the head, she was driving me crazy and I said she needed to fuck me.

Jenna quickly put on another DOM and climbed on for cowgirl and fucked me hard, she pinned my hands down and slapped her pussy hard down onto my cock, while kissing me with her soft lips.

We rolled over and I had her from behind, before moving again to mish, trying to avoid the huge wet patch on the bed, she was telling me to fuck her hard and it wasn't long before round 3 was finished and we were both very hot and sweaty.

I had a shower, got changed, we had another nice chat and Jenna walked me down stairs and gave me a wonderful kiss goodbye.

Another wonderful time with this terrific lady.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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