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"Completely engaged the whole time clearly enjoying what she does with the person she is with"

I had the pleasure of spending an two hours with Jenna- what a delight! She is genuine, intelligent and confident, good fun to be with and willing to try almost anything.

Jenna greeted me at the door she easily put me at ease with a pleasant chat before we headed upstairs.At first she seemed unsure about unveiling her hairstyle and reason behind it, needless to say it suits her well also liked the white top with short blue skirt she had on for desired effect.

She quickly proved her status as a squirter simply from fingering her shaved pussy! Completely soaking the towel laid underneath her when gushing her pussy juice.She may have cum once or twice while exploring her submissive tendencies which was great fun.

One thing is certain Jenna loves sucking cock, she gave a bbbj that was skilful and she clearly enjoyed what she was doing (and so did I!)Easy to see how she could spend long periods of time with a cock in her mouth looking directly into your eyes with smile on her face.

Jenna loves sex and is completely engaged the whole time clearly enjoying what she does with the person she is with also noted that she enjoys experimenting with new things which one day may get to explore some more. We both had a laugh from exmelpunter telling her to say hi especially as she is saying it when are two fingers deep inside her not far away from gushing all over the soaked towel again.

As others have mentioned, her location is easy to get to and there's plenty of parking around which is handy.Not often get the chance for these things but would gladly see her again if she is up for another fun session and wants to try some new things talked about.

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