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  • John

"What a beautiful lady, sexy as hell, yet down to earth - an amazing combination"

I’d seen Jenna’s profile on ScarletBlue months ago, and been keen to meet her, but her touring schedule didn’t bring her to my town, and I’m rarely in NSW. So when I knew I would be in Sydney for a few days I knew I just had to make time to visit her in the Blue Mountains. I’m so glad I did - what a woman. From the relaxed emails to confirm the appointment, through to the warm greeting on arrival, and the seductive undressing as we headed to the bedroom, everything Jenna does lives up to her ‘First Date Experience’ description - anticipation, excitement in advance, absolute pleasure during, and a satisfied smile on my face on the journey back to Sydney - the perfect date.

Jenna is as beautiful in person as she appears in her professional photos - a wonderful womanly figure, fantastic breasts, and what a kisser - everything is exactly as advertised, including the squirting as Jenna takes her pleasure. Highly, highly recommended.

Originally posted on #ScarletBlue

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