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"Everything was 10 out of 10 PLUS in my book"

Feeling fkn horny as last night emailed Jenna and made an appointment for this morning, she replied hell yeah Tinnie and the date was set. I arrived a few minutes late and wandered up the drive and knocked on the door, its important to be discreet as possible, well that s how i see it anyway. A regular neighborhood and school holidays.

In i go get a kiss hello and off to the shower, a few minutes later i am locking lips with miss Jenna and she sgrabs me cock and i grab her clit and off we go. Imagine the Tasmanian devil times 2 going flatchat at for a hour, my back was healed so i fucked her as hard as i could and was rewarded by orgasm after orgasm from Jenna i lost count, without going into the details, we fucked like rabbits and i got a CIM at the finish with a nice grin and boom the majic dissapearing sperm, great time with a great girl, really one of a kind.

Everything was 10 out of 10 PLUS in my book, thought i d better get in and get me grubby hands on her before next week lol

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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