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"Explicit rawness and tender intelligent conversations"

Made the long lunchtime trip with a head full of ideas of how this time together was going to go. Would have been better places reading the A to Z of Sex manual again.

Arrived to be greeted at the door by the stunning appearance of Jenna dressed exactly as I had requested (but with one minor difference LOL).

Had another experience of the amazing fellatio performed with enthusiasm with Jenna on her knees... God almighty what a sight to turn even a bald man grey...

After some deep deep fingering could feel the tremble as the irresistible urge to squirt overcame this russet beauty as gush after gush was released... an incredible feeling....

Then we embarked on many of the sexual predilections known to mankind. From A for Ass (and what a beautiful one she possesses, to B for balls, blowjob.... to C for .......... well you get picture.... as we progressed in non-alphabetical order through the whole gamut of adventures....

Interspersed with these were some very tender moments where we just lay together and talked about many things... I love my hard-core time with Jenna but I also very much appreciate the tenderness of just sharing thoughts....

At the end of our time together we were both absolutely saturated.... and this before we hit the shower together!!

Another wonderful afternoon delight with Jenna.... totally appreciating her explicit rawness and the tender intelligent conversations

In the words of the Terminator...... I'll be back

Thanks Jen......... you're a Gem!!

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