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"I always leave with a smile on my face."

Arranged another meeting with Jenna via email, which was easy, date and time was set.

Jenna emailed back stating she had a outfit to surprise me with and hoped I would like it.

The day arrived and I made the scenic trip up to the lower blue mountains and knocked on the door with great anticipation to see my surprise.

Jenna opened the door to reveal her wearing a very sexy Maid outfit, which was very snug and highlighted her wonderful body. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out and I think I lost my first load in my undies.

Jenna closed the door and we immediately embraced and passionately kissed and groped each others bodies.

It wasn't long until I worked out how to get her out of her very sexy outfit and un-clipped her bra to reveal her wonderful boobs.

I kissed, sucked and licked her nipples and her breathing became heavier, my hand reached down between her legs and my fingers slipped in under her lacy underwear. Jenna was wet and became wetter and wetter before she gasped and let out a load excited cry as she came hard.

Jenna had my belt and fly undone and was rubbing my rock hard cock and balls, she smiled at me and let me to the sofa, sat me down, knelt between my legs and and sucked my cock.

She looked amazing as she alternated between deep throat, gagging, swirling her tongue around my head, she would look up at me with her flowing red hair and her gorgeous eyes. I was in heaven and I didn't last much longer before I came down her throat and Jenna made sure she swallowed every drop and not a drop was wasted.

We sat and talked for a while, before round two started, with lots of passionate kissing and then I said it was her turn to cum in my mouth, she happily obliged and laid back on the sofa and helped me removed her lacy underwear.

Her legs were spread wide and I let my tongue go wild on her smooth pussy lips. It wasn't long before her pussy was gushing in waves.

Next it was condom time and Jenna sat me on the sofa and mounted me and went to town and fucked me hard, while her wonderful boobs bounced in front of my face, Jenna came several times, with her pussy muscles pushing my rock hard cock out.

Time to change position with Jenna laying on her back and I pumped away until my balls released another load.

Clean up another chat and round 3 starts, I go down on Jenna again and also insert two fingers while my thumb rubs her clit and Jenna is wriggling around underneath me.

Another condom and we try for anal, but I think we need some lube as I'm just not penetrating enough.

So its back to missionary, before we try doggy with Jenna bent over the sofa and giving me instructions to fuck her hard, I spank her gorgeous ass and she fingers her clit and we both cum in a mess.

Shower time and chat and i am back out the door very very satisfied with the service this sexy Maid provided.

I enjoy every time I see this wonderful girl, I always leave with a smile on my face.

Thanks again Jenna.

Just be aware, Jenna is busy, so please book in advance to avoid disappointment

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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