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"I am in heaven again"

Continuing my Christmas treat, I visited Jenna again. Unlike some working ladies. There is always something new with Jenna. A feeling that she enjoys your visiting.

I was busy this day so I had a shower first. Jenna was chatting and we had a lovely talk while I am getting ready. I get out and Jenna greets me in a lovely black bra and knickers. Covered by a, barely there, black gown. She looks sexy and hot.

In saying that. The day was also quite warm. We head upstairs and we kiss as we remove our clothing. I lay Jenna in a lovely doggie position, on the bed. I am rimming her and rubbing her pussy. Jenna is more vocal today and she comes very hard. I continue to rub her and I then digitally play with her arse, at the same time. Jenna keeps squirting and it is getting very wet.

Jenna then turns sideways and starts to swallow my member. She is going deep and gagging. Deep throating and just holding me in deep. She only stops to come again. I keep rubbing her clit and Jenna seems to enjoy all this attention.

Jenna puts on a condom and we are wrapped into each other. Missionary and kissing. We go side saddle and doggie. This is when I enter her arse and we both start to get into things. I also start to play with her clit at the same time. I am covered in her juice. I then use her vibrator to play with her pussy.

We we are in several positions and we are both having a lovely time. It is hot and we both have a rest. Jenna then takes me in her mouth. I turn her over. We go missionary. Then Spanish with her ample breasts. Before I know it she has me in her mouth and I am face fucking her pretty face. She just keeps looking at me. I can’t take it anymore. I lay down and Jenna blows me until completion. I am in heaven again.

We lay together and kiss and cuddle. We chat and then I must shower and leave.

I cant wait for my next visit. Christmas is great this year.

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