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"I drove back home with a huge smile on my face"

Three years back I unsuccessfully tried to catch up with this amazing girl but got cancelled twice due to some personal issues. This time the planets and stars have gotten aligned again so couldn't miss the opportunity. Been told by HR that I have too many annual leaves accumulated so was more than happy to take a day off and head to the mountains on a weekday. Organised by booking a month ahead and Jenna promptly reply to my emails (pm). She even remembered that we failed to catch up before and promised to make things up, which was really nice from her. Told her that I'm an one-shot guy, so she offered me a half-hour option but normally clients stay longer due to the long travelling. But told her that I'm happy to take an hour booking and sure that we would find out heaps of things to entertain ourselves .

Finally on the J-day headed to the mountains, traffic was good despite the wet weather so arrived earlier than planned. Wait a bit in the car, knock the door and was greeted by a young, curvy, hot redhead girl in wearing only a little shirt and undies - nice! Had a quick intro and jump to the shower. Even in the shower we were still talking, but when got out she was waiting standing next to the bedroom wearing a black bra and g-string with one arm hanging the wall and another hand on her waist - wow what a sexy sight!! My jaw dropped and immediately shut my mouth up, run to her and we kissed like no tomorrow. Unwrapped her undies/bra to reveal a fantastic pair of boobs and curvy bum.

After a long kissing we decided to move to the bed. I started with some pussy munching which soon she cum and BOOM - a big jet of squirt came out straight at my face. Wow that was whole new enjoyable experience for me, never seen a girl cumming and squirting as she does! Then the rest of round one was with intense bj and sex in various positions (covered off course). It was the wettest sex I have ever had. Doggy was nice to appreciate her nice round bum, but it was pumping up in missy which felt extremely good with our bodies soaked. Finished up kissing in missy with her legs locked my back.

We had a quick break followed by a nice chat where we got to know each other by telling my and her stories. Don't get fooled gents, she is a smart lady with a bachelor degree. Does it matter? Absolutely, she can carry out any adult conversation. I'm mature guy so for me not only sex but a good company is a good complement. We explored each other bodies where I found a cute little lawn mowing dude near her shaven pussy. We laugh about it and she also commented that she likes my shaven manhood, giving me two thumbs up. She appreciates punters who shave, so for me it's a no-brainer.

We then started round two which was even better than round one. At some point she sat on me in cowgirl but with her legs open wide apart and her hands back between my legs (the Crab) - wow such a fantastic view seeing her eyes half-closed and bitting her lips, plus penetrating into her wet squirted pussy - priceless. Finished again in old school missy which I found the best position to enjoy the wettest pussy I have ever had.

WFM? No need to say.

Too far away? maybe, but after the amazing hour (actually I think my session was a bit longer than an hour) I drove back home with a huge smile on my face . On my way back saw the Wet'n'Wild from M4 and laugh with myself: amateurs, just came back from the real Jenna's wet-and-wild park


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the amazing session!

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