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"I have been lucky enough to see Jenna twice now, and she gets better."

She gets even better the more you see her

I have been lucky enough to see Jenna twice now, and gentlemen she gets better. I first saw her when she was 24 and the second time was when she had turned 25, so I could argue she gets better with age.

As everyone who has described her and from the pictures of her she is a gorgeous young voluptuous red haired woman.

Making another appointment was relatively easy with an email and a favourable response for a time and date was received. We texted each other to confirm on the day, and I knocked on her door to be greeted with a lovely smile and soft kiss and a hug when I walked inside. Some small talk and then it was upstairs to the bedroom and for a shower.

When I came back into the bedroom Jenna was waiting in just her bra and undies and greeted me with some wonderful DFK. This girl really knows how and loves to kiss. I encouraged Jenna to remove her bra(to many clips for me) to reveal her wonderful soft large breasts. I kissed and sucked on them and Jenna became more and more aroused. My hand then wandered down to her pussy which was soaking wet.

I pushed her back onto the bed and peeled off her undies, her shaved pussy was just waiting to be licked, the more my tongue licked up and down her slit the wetter she got. This girl just continually cums and it turns me on more and more.

I asked her to suck my cock and she smiled and said yes I would like to do that. She gave me a wonderful BBBJ with lots of DT, gagging, slurping. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t hold back any longer and Jenna took the lot in her mouth and swallowed with glee. We were like two animals and straight back into it again with lots of kissing, hands going everywhere and Jenna squirting. Jenna got out a condom and laid on her back, I entered her with ease and we both wanted it hard and fast, I pumped away as hard and as fast as I could, changing the rhythm to get my breath back every now and then, and then with Jenna looking at me with her seductive eyes the second shot was fired into the bag.

A drink of water and we were off and racing again, cowgirl, doggy with Jenna pushing back onto my cock, missionary again, then another BBBJ that had me shooting my third load into her mouth and my body was a quivering mess.

Had a nice chat while we both rested, then shower, got changed and out the door.

Thank you Jenna for a wonderful time again.

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