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"I have said it before and I will say it again, this girl is the best kisser."

After my Christmas/ New Year break, I could not wait to see this wonderful girl again. Made arrangements and confirmed the night before all was good to go.

Nice easy drive up to the Blue Mountains, Jenna has a wonderful house with easy parking out the front. Knocked on the door and Jenna opened the door in some wonderful lingerie, with a small dog barking away (she was minding it for a friend).

In I walked, Jenna closed the door, embraced me and kissed me passionately, I have said it before and I will say it again, this girl is the best kisser. (Worlds best kisser 2013,2014, 2017) She had a couple of years off. Our lips and tongues stayed locked while our hands roamed each others body's. I un-clipped Jenna's bra and exposed her wonderful breasts, in which I licked and sucked on her nipples which were getting harder and harder, with Jenna's breath getting heavier and heavier.

My hands wandered downwards and rubbed her clit, I whispered in her ear if she likes this, to which she replied, yes don't stop, before her pussy tensed and she let out a gasp and she squirted on the floor. She had my pants undone and around my ankles while she rubbed my cock, which was rock hard.

She guided me into the kitchen and put on a condom, them turned around braced herself against the bench top and guided me in from behind. I pumped away furiously, all the while Jenna was screaming out for me to fuck her harder. I pulled out and got her to lay on the dining room table, my tongue and fingers worked away at her pussy, she arched her back, moaning and gasping as she flooded my mouth with her pussy juice.

I dragged her back to the edge of the table and did my best to fuck her missionary while I was standing (damm I am too short). We then moved to the floor leading to upstairs, Jenna laid on the floor while I pumped away with Jenna digging her nails into my back, then it was my turn to get my first orgasm away.

We cleaned up and went up stairs to the sex room.

We had a great chat as always, then it was on for round two, we kissed passionately, I just cannot get enough of her kisses, Jenna slowly kissed me down my body and took my ever growing cock in her mouth, she gave me a great BBBJ, she had me on the edge, looking up at me with her gorgeous sultry eyes. On with another dom, I entered her side saddle at first and slowly pumped away and we kissed softly, all the while Jenna telling me how much she was enjoying my cock in her pussy.

We then moved to missionary, Jenna was telling me to fuck her harder, with every 30 seconds her pussy would tighten and push my cock out as she squirted over the bed, this girl is amazing. I kept going with Jenna looking into my eyes telling me she wanted me to cum again, she wrapped her wonderful legs around me and I was losing control, her pussy felt amazing and drained another load out of my cock.

We hugged and kissed, before we slowly made our way to the shower, I got dressed, we had another great chat.

I drove back with another smile on my face, my legs weaker and my balls empty.

Thank you Jenna for getting 2018 off to a great start.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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