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"I left Jenna feeling completely relaxed, at ease, recharged and like a new man."

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My time with Miss Jenna Love goes something like this,

I organised to meet Jenna for an overnight booking for my birthday, I organised this special date well over a month in advanced. Jenna’s booking process is easy to follow and is very straight forward and she replies professionally and promptly.

We kept in contact in regards to finding a place to eat and where I was going to stay. I told her where I was going to stay and where we would be dining together.

Jenna was very discreet in meeting up with me at my hotel, she followed my set of specific instructions very well with ease.

It was such a funny moment when we first saw each other as Jenna didn’t recognise me at first but I recognised her. She was dressed in this lovely floral dress and some lovely heels her outfit was very beautiful and she smelt very heavenly.

We just chilled out in my hotel room and just ordered food in and stayed in for the night. We also got to share some lovely desert together, Jenna has quite the sweet tooth so I made sure that Jenna would leave happy and content as it’s not everyday a beautiful lady gets treated out to a lovely night with a gentleman.

Jenna was very relaxed and friendly throughout our time together, we respected each other’s boundaries and engaged in some lovely fun.

Her kisses, her curves, her personality and body are all on point.

I won’t go into absolute detail because, spending time with Jenna Love is something you have to do for yourself.

I left Jenna feeling completely relaxed, at ease, recharged and like a new man.

Sometimes we just need that special someone to help remind us that it’s going to be okay and that you are going well throughout your life. Jenna was like my cheerleader for our time together, she’s put a new spring in my step, she put a smile on my face, performed relaxation for me and well I left Jenna with a feeling of being blissful.

Gentleman do yourselves a favour, and make a booking to see Jenna she’s a one of a kind and you will never leave disappointed with your time together with her.

Originally posted on #ScarletBlue

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