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"I left resoundingly contented and cannot wait to see this wonderful girl again."

It had been a few weeks since I had seen this beautiful girl, unfortunately Jenna had to cancel on me last week as she was sick, we rescheduled and I had to wait another week. She mentioned in her response she would have a surprise for me.

When I arrived at her place, the door was slightly ajar, with a note saying "come in".

I walked in the front door, through the lounge room to find a stunning red head dressed in only a apron, while she was washing up at the sink, her bare body looked stunning under the apron, with her boobs almost busting out from the top and her juicy arse sticking out at the bottom.

We said our hello's and we embraced and kissed passionately, I simply love the way Jenna kisses, we pulled each other tightly and my hands went wandering.

I undid the knot on the apron above her neck, allowing her wonderful boobs to fall out, this allowed me to kiss and suck on her nipples while Jenna's breath became heavy, Jenna's hands undid my pants and she was playing with my rock hard cock.

I reached around and undid the knot on the apron at her waist and it fell to the floor.

My fingers found her wet and smooth pussy, we kissed passionately while my fingers rubbed her clit and Jenna let out a loud groan and spurted her cum all over the floor.

I wanted her on the dining room table, but alas a partly constructed 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle was in the way.

She laid down gently on the table, while my tongue went to work on her pussy, her breath was heavy and she was wriggling around underneath me and spurted her sweet juices over my face. Jenna got up from the table gently and not a jigsaw piece was disturbed, we went up stairs to her sex room. We were lying on the bed kissing madly, while I fingered her pussy, as she exploded her cum over the sheets. We put on a dom and I climbed on top for missionary and pumped away. Jenna held me tightly, screaming out yes I love your cock, I could not hold on any longer and the first shot was gone.

We had a chat and it wasn't long before we were at it again. We kissed passionately and I fingered her while she had my cock rock hard, she put on another dom and climbed on top for cowgirl and fucked me hard. We held each other tightly and got into rhythm and she came hard all over my cock. I rolled her over and fucked her hard, Jenna was encouraging me to fuck her harder and not to stop, I came again and we laid in each others arms for a while. Clean up and a chat, Jenna had a smile on her face and said, I haven't sucked your cock yet and away she went.

Wow can this girl suck cock, she deep throated me gagged, dribbled saliva over my cock.

Next it was 69 time, and while Jenna had me on edge sucking my cock, she came several times over my face. Jenna went back to sucking my cock and was determined to ensure I came again, the build up was so intense, I told her I was going to cum and she opened her mouth and wanked me until every last drop was in her mouth or on her face.

We had showers and a chat, I got dressed, we went over time again.

I left resoundingly contented and cannot wait to see this wonderful girl again.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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