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"I swear Jenna is a descendant of Aphrodite herself."

Quick summary:

Squirting: wtf / 10

Sex: 9.7/10 (sloppy, really really wet and passionate - it was so good)

Personality: 9.3/10

Body: thicc /10

BBBJ: 9.3/10

Homely Vibe: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

Idk if you're going to read this, but like seriously Jenna, bravo. You're a master of your trade

Yo guys Jenna is absolutely the real deal, your punting experience is incomplete until you've seen her and I mean that. Quick reasons as to why?

- She has the rare and abnormal gift of being able to squirt an uncountable number of times

- The whole experience just feels fun and genuine, thanks to her personality, the homely setting, 10/10 sloppy passionate sex, and her openness with everything being on the table (except bbfs ofc)

This is easily one of the best escorting experiences I've had. There's nothing mechanical, nothing systematic, I could do all sexual acts I wanted with no qualms, and it just felt genuine. I can only think a handful of punts which I've enjoyed as much. Also I really don't have any need to escort since I've basically ticked off everything from my bucket list, done every type of escort, but Jenna makes me want to keep at it.

Also since she was really laid back and cool about doing everything I wanted, it felt great to just have sex normally doing what I felt like doing without having to hold back or be worried about overstepping any boundaries.

Full summary:

Firstly the neighborhood is really beautiful, that along with the homely sprawl of her house gave the punt a more authentic feel. It was nice to not be in a 5 star hotel room for once, or a dimly lit brothel room, but rather something more real and normal. Right from when I opened the door though she was laid back, casual and friendly, which almost felt weird because it was like meeting a friend I've never met before. I also got a nice smooch


After the shower, we went down into her cool little room where we started off with some great dfk with lots of making out, where I grabbed her nice thick banging body closer in towards me whilst roaming with my hands all over her back and neck bringing her closer for stronger kissing. I also have to mention, her body is so hot, I think she said she had g cups, but god either way they were spilling out of that bra and were a handful. I also really enjoyed reaching for that bountiful thicc booty, and picking her up off the ground whilst making out with her.


After making out for a good few minutes, she went down to her knees to give a killer bj. No teeth, no tricks, just one good deep and sloppy bj with solid eye contact. What a fucking sight to gaze into those blue eyes, whilst also getting that brilliant view of those huge tits dangling off her chest and also to be able to see her nicely curved back and huge booty. All whilst receiving quality bj. I did a bit of gentle face fucking too, but she was brilliant anyway so it wasn't needed tbh. She also does this brilliant thing where she puts her arms around your back, bringing your cock deeper into her, which feels incredibly hot and intimate.

BJ 2 & DFK 2:

Afterwards I moved to sit on the edge of the bed as she continued to give the bj, this time with her gigantic jugs pressed up against my knees. She's absolutely boss at it, she varies it up by lathering up the balls and the perineum, taking in the balls into her mouth altogether, then by continuing with a fantastically sloppy bj whilst looking right at you with those hot blue eyes. I also got to put my cock in between those jugs and do some spanish too.

Then we moved up the bed with her on top of me, and we just made out passionately. Going with kisses which varied beautifully, with lips, bit of tongue, and then with deeper tongue.All the while I enjoyed firmly held down her body and her ass from the bottom, whilst using my hands to wander about. I also absolutely love it when she kisses in the neck and ear since it's so ticklish and hot.


After this I began finger banging her whilst eating her out, but holy shit I didn't expect her to squirt so soon and with such vigor and so I accidentally swallowed a decent amount of her juices. But what surprised me more was the fact that she squirted like four or five times consecutively in like no time? I laughed at how crazy she was multiple times throughout the entire thing, but haha holy shit it was actually a sight to see.

Then I wanted to get a good view of her body since I feel like I never let myself take in the view properly so I sat on the edge of the bed whilst she stood up and I let my hands roam and explore her body and let my eyes fester. Then she turned around and bent over so I roamed some more with my left hand whilst with my right hand I put a thumb in her ass and fingered her. I also fingered her in a standing position. Oh and of course she squirted multiple times throughout that,.


After this we moved back onto bed where she gave me more bj and we made out some more until we got the dom. I loved pounding her from the bottom, absolutely loved it. We varied it up, but one of my favourite cowgirl variations was when I held her down by her shoulders driving her into my cock while pounding her from the bottom. It was probably the best version, especially when she kept loudly whispering into my ear telling me to fuck her good and hard with passion. Then she moved to bounce off my cock after I got tired of pounding, where I was absolutely surprised when she started squirting off of this as well, like wtf. Because of the bouncing her juices sprayed everywhere into my face and eyes, which was hilarious and fun for me since i couldn't believe it was happening hahahaha. I swear Jenna is a descendant of Aphrodite herself.


Eventually I went soft after a while so I couldn't do anal, so I figured why not just finger bang her some more whilst I play with her tits. To finish off round one I had her give me a fantastic bj, then in order to orgasm I stroked myself whilst she pleasured my nutsack and then let her take my shaft into her mouth to cum, all in all a fantastic orgasm.

Afterwards we talked heaps and got to know each other, a convo I enjoyed a lot. I also got a nice lesson in female anatomy too.


Then round 2 began, we made out starting slow with soft kissing, then gradually we became more passionate with lots of grabbing and pulling and better kisses. When we moved to do 69 I knew I put myself in a precarious position, but the experience was one to remember. With my arms under her thighs I brought her ass into my mouth, a hedonistic delight in itself. Eating her out from that position was a game too, because it was a game of timing myself to rush and move my head out of the way before she squirted. Thankfully I didn't drown and I let all the juices fall all over my neck and shoulder. Afterwards she lay perpendicular to me and sucked off my balls and my cock whilst I fingered her until I came. Fuck what a session. After my shower we chatted some more until I left a happy man.

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