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"Jen is the complete courtesan"

This girl has totally turned my punting experiences upside down. Absolutely no risk Jen is the complete courtesan - an absolute joy to spend time with.

Met up with her today for the third time and each time has been better than the one before (daren't even think about what session 50 will be like!!!!!!!!!! .LOL).

Arrived at her place in the pouring rain. She opened the door in black lingerie -.suspender belt, stockings and bra. Deep red lipstick just highlighting her flaming red hair. What a sight to behold!!

Had her stand still while I fingered her cunt. Told her I wanted to see her squirt like never before. Two fingers in and seeking for the G-spot..Success.... found the spot and felt the wetness grow as her eyes rolled in her head. Continued to just keep her there on the edge. Maintained eye contact all through this........ refusing to let her look away. Had her tell me all the things I wanted her to do to me today. WOW does this girl know how to 'dirty talk'.

Put her to her knees as her mouth engulfed my cock. Slow and deep bbbj...... sucking and licking..... cock and balls thought they were in 7th heaven....

Retired to the bedroom where things got VERY personal..... FMD this girl is very open to suggestions!!

Each time we meet I set her little challenges (well maybe NOT so little Hahaha) and she never fails to step up to the plate.

All during our time together I had been keeping her on the point of cumming. Thought I would introduce a little DATY">cunnilingus (aka DATY). What a sweet, fresh pussy...... Combination of fingers and tongue were having the desired effect and we were rewarded with an incredible fluid rush..The squirt was like a volcano going off.. high, hard and soaked.EVERYTHING!!!.

At this point I had.another challenge left over from last session..By way of explanation, this involved a LARGE vibrating piece of rubber........ Needless to say Jen once again excelled, thought not without a great deal of effort, determination and ..... hmmm... persuasion!!. What do you reckon Jen??

Had her finish me off with a wonderful CIM blowjob......

What a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.

This girl does it for me every time. I enjoy the way she can figure out where the session is to go in.a way which pleases me greatly. She has a great personality and we can relate and converse on many levels. The mind games we play are phenomenal.

Thanks for a fantastic time today Jen........ (obviously I have left out a great deal of detail ). As I told you already... my punting days are over....... when I reach the top I stay there. Anyone else would be a second-rater.

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