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"Jenna immediately makes you feel comfortable and no pressure"

To be honest with all her great reviews i figured what could i add .. what you other guys have said is all true ... she REALLY goes off , she REALLY loves Sex ( all forms ) , she is a REALLY nice person, she has a REALLY great location and I was REALLY lucky to get some time with her .. REALLY :-)

I happened to figure out i could skive off for the afternoon, a rare occurrence and not to be missed, so on the off chance i mailed Jenna to see if she could fit me in .. bingo, my lucky day .. she had a cancellation. Arrived at her place with clear instructions provided, no issue there .. i was having a mild performance anxiety with all these reviews and Jenna's seemingly insatiable appetite , could i keep up the pace .. but rest assured Jenna immediately makes you feel comfortable and no pressure ... anyway i spend a lot of the time pleasuring Jenna with my fingers, did u know she REALLY goes off :-) She is amazing, she came so many times i lost count ... and when she is having a big one its like she is trying to turn inside out .. its amazing , and WET .. i had a great time, and i think she did too ..

Hopefully i will get a chance to return in the near future .. there are one or 2 other things i want to try.

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