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"Jenna is a credit to the industry."

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I have been with Jenna on more than one occasion, but in my opinion she gets better the more you see her. The last time I was with her we discussed our own fantasy's, and I mentioned I loved the secretary look, as in girls with glasses. With a cheeky smile Jenna said I think I could do that.

So I sent Jenna an email and said I was in need of some secretarial services and she sent back a preferred date and time and said whatever the boss wants.

On the day, had a comfortable drive up to Blaxland and knocked on the door.

Jenna opens the door with her hair pulled back in a bun, glasses on, tight white shirt that I thought the buttons would pop, tight black skirt and stockings, man I though I was going to cum in my undies.

I step inside she closes the door and we are like to horny teenagers, groping each other, pulling each other in tighter and her kissers are just out of this world, so passionate.

Jenna starts to undo my belt and I unbutton her shirt top and peel off her bra, I cannot resist her boobs and suck, kiss and lick her nipples while she is kissing my neck and ears.

Jenna has removed her skirt and I slide my hand up between her thighs and she has no undies on and she is wet, I play with her clit while we are kissing madly, her breath is getting heavy and she cries out and her wonderful juices are running down between her soft silky thighs.

Jenna drops my pants around my ankles and stats to suck my cock, I still have my jacket, shirt and tie on, she looks up at me with those glasses on and I'm struggling to control myself.

She places a condom on my cock and turns herself around and guides my cock into her pussy as she bends over and holds onto the front door handle.

I start to pump away, Jenna looks absolutely stunning in her stockings and suspenders, she turns her head around and tells me to fuck her hard, I don't last long and the 1st shot is fired. Once again we haven't even made it past the entry way.

I drop the rest of my clothes and we make our way to the bedroom.

We have a chat about our lives and work and then its on with the festivities.

Jenna still has her glasses on and the stockings and suspenders, she looks so hot. More DFK which never seems to stop with Jenna, before she slides down and starts another BBBJ. I'm in heaven, as she rotates from DT with lots of gagging, to licking the tip and shaft and lots of saliva while she wanks me off. When she looks at you especially with her glasses on, I had to keep looking up at the ceiling to control myself.

I couldn't take it any more and said I wanted her to fuck me, Jenna places another condom on my cock and rides me slamming down hard on my cock, to the point that her glasses came flying off and landed on the bed somewhere. Jenna came several times and soaked my cock and balls with her juices.

I rolled her over, she held her legs high in the air as I pumped away, she came several times again with her pussy pushing my cock out in an explosion of her cum, I was at the point of no return and the 2nd shot was fired.

We cleaned up, had a chat and round 3 started, we kissed and kissed, while I played with her pussy and watched her as she came over and over.

On with another dom and we started off side saddle and then moved to missionary, I have never tried anal with Jenna and was keen to experience it with her, even though its not something that I go looking for.

I pulled out and slid my cock down to her ass and she spread her cheeks, I slowly worked my way in but it wasn't comfortable. Jenna applied some lube and we tried again.

She felt amazing, I slowly pumped away and told her I wasn't far away and where did she want me to come, she told me to come in her ass, that was it and the 3rd shot was gone.

We had a shower and more of a chat.

As has been said before, Jenna is a credit to the industry.

Do yourself a favour men of Sydney, experience the delights of this wonderful, sexy woman.

I would offer Jenna a job as my secretary in a heartbeat, but we would never get any work done.

Thank you Jenna for fulfilling my fantasy.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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