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"Jenna is a very charming, witty, intelligent and articulate young lady."

After reading the various glowing reports on this young lady I decided it was time I found out for myself.

Making a booking was very easy. Jenna replied almost immediately and a date and time was arranged.

My drive up to the lower mountains was quite stress free and I can understand as to why people want to live in such a wonderful part of our city.

Jenna met me at the door and led me down to her bedroom. Once there she disrobed to reveal the outfit I particularly requested.

The first meeting with a private lady can be at times daunting and apprehensive, Jenna immediately put me at ease and made me fully welcome.

Let me say that Jenna is a very charming, witty, intelligent and articulate young lady.

I shall not elaborate on the intimate details of our encounter as Jenna's skills and specialties have been thoroughly described, suffice to say that Jenna clearly enjoys what she does and also ensures that her clients are completely satisfied as well. My requests were accommodated and I was more than pleased with the outcome of our liaison.

Jenna is a lady worth nurturing and a return visit is a must.

Thank you Jenna for truly making my day.

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