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"Jenna is a wonderful lady, very friendly and very naughty."

Booked Jenna for 1 hr, paid up, went to the room, met Jenna. Had a shower while she went to get more towels!!!. Out of the shower into a passionate embrace with DFK. Lay her on the bed for further exploration. Worked my way from her great soft breasts down to see if what I've read is true. Well, volcanic is the best description, after a few minutes she went Vesuvius! My first experience of squirting( Jenna if you're reading this, you're now number one in my wankbank). After 2 squirts I say it's my turn. Great bbbj, asked her to lick my balls, she happily obliged and paid a visit to bowelgrowla. Her bj is great with lots of sexy eye contact. Into 69 and about 4 more squirts before I blew, she swallowed the lot.First load away then we cuddled and chatted for a bit. What a great lady to chat with. Told her I need to see what's happening down there, she giggled and let me go. After some work on the soft breasts I went to heaven again with another 3 or 4 squirts. She need a break so more bbbj, with gagging and an invited digit while she looked me in the eye. I then entered her with her on top top as I wanted her to find the right spots. She squirted another 4 times. How does she do it !!!! Asked for the Shute and was politely refused. Off with the Dom and had her pleasure herself and squirt on my face while I gave percy his punishment and blew.

Jenna is a wonderful lady, very friendly and very naughty.

I tried to post last night but I was still shaken from such a great experience.

Jenna, if you're reading this, you are a credit to the profession. Please please please, teach some ladies at 142 your art and the art of squirting, as it is an art form. If you need help teaching them, please let me know.

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