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"Jenna is always her unapologetic, carefree and candid self."

I thank my lucky stars that i found Jenna before her first Brisbane tour. I really didn't want to miss out on seeing her. So did the booking month in advance.

Communications were easy.Jenna made sure to cater to any request I had and was always so nice and professional when replying back.Her huge social media

presence kept me in awe of her every single day till I finally met her. I was awestruck when I saw her wearing my requested attire.

It took moments to sink in that I was finally meeting her in person.Jenna is a master at assessing the moment and is willing to take the lead if you don't.

The session was fun, amazing, incredibly sensual and everything that I wanted and imagined it would be. To me conversation is the best part in getting to know someone. Jenna is always her unapologetic, carefree and candid self. So there is no dull moment ever. I was in awe of how incredible can a person be throughout the session. Also being connected on an intimate level is a bonus. It left me with a smile throughout my ride back home. This will stay with me forever. Hope our paths cross in the future.

Thank you Jenna for a wonderful time together.You deserve all the accolades and love you get.

In the meantime, keep rocking the twitterverse.



Originally posted on #ScarletBlue

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