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"Jenna is deliciously gorgeous and her curves are amazing."

I've been following Jenna on Twitter since early this year but never had the opportunity to see her as she is on the other side of the country to me. I can still remember squealing like a fanboy when Jenna announced her tour to Perth

You do get a good sense of what Jenna is like via her online presence, but meeting her in the flesh is next level. Jenna is deliciously gorgeous and her curves are amazing. She also has a wonderfully warm and cheeky personality, and I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations we had. And yes, the "fun" stuff was a lot of fun. Jenna does advertise herself as a squirter so if that is what you like or would like to experience for the first time, then Jenna is definitely your girl!

It goes without saying, if Jenna is ever in your city or town, do yourself a favour and book her!

Originally posted on #ScarletBlue

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