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"Jenna made me feel very comfortable from the outset"

Wow! I fulfilled a long held ambition of meeting Jenna today. From the day I read her reviews I knew that I had to experience her talents. Upon reading that she was back seeing clients I contacted her via a private message and was thrilled that she had a spot available to see me. Her communications were excellent, she is very polite and prompt with her responses and this just added to the anticipation of seeing her.

The day finally arrived and I made the 45 minute drive to her private residence in the lower Blue mountains. Jenna greeted me at the door wearing a very sexy outfit with accentuated her beautiful curves. I was immediately attracted to her, she lived up to all of her descriptions on the site and then some. I gave her a small gift of chocolates with the payment and she led me to her room.

Jenna made me feel very comfortable from the outset and started kissing me as soon as we got undressed. She is very sensual and I just had to taste her. No more than 2 minutes after going down on her she was gushing and I lapped up all her delicious juices. I could have feasted on her for the entire booking. Jenna then returned the favour with some exceptional oral skills. After some more kissing and foreplay I asked for a condom which Jenna applied rather expertly with her mouth.

Jenna rode me to another gushing orgasm which unfortunately went to waste. I was determined to taste as much of her as possible. After a good 10 or 15 minutes of Jenna riding me I was ready to cum. This usually requires me to jerk off and Jenna swallowed it all! After a brief rest and a delightful conversation, it was time for round 2. More of the same followed, this time I spent some time playing with her beautiful round ass. Jenna made me cum again and I realised that my time was coming to an end. I had a shower and got dressed with a beaming smile on my face. Jenna kissed me goodbye and I was off, till next time.

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