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"Jenna really engages with you, responds to your verbal & non-verbal cues."

I found myself staying in Sydney on Friday the 13th of July & reached out to Jenna (who I've seen several times) to see if there was a chance for a very last min booking & to my delight, there was. We settled arrangements quickly and I started counting down the days.

Friday came & Jenna arrived for my 1st overnight booking (I think 1st of many).

I love seeing Jenna as we never rush into things, we make out a bit, chat, catch up, make out some more and then we got down to brass tacks with an amazing BBBJ with amazing eye contact, Jenna really engages with you, responds to your verbal & non-verbal cues.

When I'm at my 'finest' I mention that I bought a toy for our date and produce my Pico-bong Lifeguard vibrating cock ring, Jenna is intrigued runs through the vibration settings, settles on one that she thinks will work we get down to business.

This little ring turns you from simply a creature of flesh into Robo-Cock and if Jenna's responses to it are anything to go by, well worth the investment, but don't get me wrong, it feels great for the wearer as well.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I shan't go into too much more detail here because those memories are mine, but I will say this, Jenna "Rode me like a Humping Post" (some may get the reference) and I'd thought I'd experienced Jenna's squirting abilities before, but to have your feet splashed is an experience I shall never forget.

Finally we fell asleep and to say we slept well that night would be an understatement.

Can't wait to see you again my darling Jenna for Robo-Cock II.

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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