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"Jenna's back, and she's raised her own bar."

Hi gang, it's been a while since 'ol Emp posted, and who better to break the duck with than Jenna.

I sent a few texts back and fore with the flame haired wench, and it was clear that the Jessica rabbit of working girls has lost none of her style and skill. I was soon checking out pics of a rather large rubber phallus wedged snugly up her arse, with comments to the effect that id better get over there quick smart so I could replace the fake cock with my real one.

On opening the door all the memories of times gone by came flooding back (not the only floods to be noticed in the next hour) and we snogged like teenagers atvthecdrive in. She was wearing a black lingerie number with high heels so she's almost the same height as me. We quickly found ourselves in the bathroom where I Was going to shower, but not before trying out something we'd failed to do last time, namely a Jenna golden shower all over me. As she stood over me in her black stockings she was pretty tense and unable to let rip, but Jenna never says no, and soon her swollen oust lips were disgorging a stream of hot bodily fluids all over my groin. Pretty good start.

We both showered then collapsed onto the bed where an oral assault on her pussy began. Before long her other juices were gushing out all over my face, and she kept this up time and time again.

Now the one thing that has changed, and hence the title of this post, is that jenna now actively requests anal. To warm things up I gently inserted her black butt plug right up to the stopper, and with a Dom applied straddled her to slide my tool into her gaping snatch. After a few thrusts I gently plopped out the plug and in missionary, plunged natures own butt plug deep into her rectum. It was clear that Jenna now absolutely loves arse love as within seconds our conjoined groins were drowning in fresh and copious amounts of squirt juice. Fuck what a feelin, up to the hilt in her arse and soaking wet. Luckily I was able to pump and grind for a while before the inevitable jizz bomb exploded inside her colon.

We cleaned up and chatted for a while about this and that, as you all know Jenna is not just a pretty face. Soon emp rise to the occasion and Jenna was soon face fucking my stuff rod to the depths of her throat. Next she sat on my face and of course continued to gush her incredible pussy into my mouth. Wanting to try the delights of doggy anal she got in her hands and knees and took my prick straight into her dark recess. However, we both agreed that mish was better so she rolled over so I could slip a dildo in her puss and fuck her arsecat the same time. Gush after gush continued to stream from her over excited vagina and we just about needed a life vest to stop from drowning. Eventually I pulled out and gratefully allowed Jenna to rim me to absolute heaven with tugging my length with gusto. I blew a big wad straight into her face and she swallowed the rest. What a girl.

Jenna's back, and she's raised her own bar.

Originally posted on #AuXXXReviews

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