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"Oh boy this girl can deliver!"

Planned ahead a day off for another amazing time with Jenna. This time saved some money to secure one hour of wet fun. Got my favourite Metallica/Black Sabbath playlist set and rocked up to the mountains. Everything was going well as planned: nice weather, nice driving with no traffic, listening to my good old rock collection... but suddenly after passing Penrith started feeling some gases formations in my belly - probably due to the scotch and oysters had with mates the night before... Oh boy, not now I thought with myself. It would be extremely off putting on arrival asking "hey Jenna, can I use toilet for a loo time?". So made a quick critical decision: emergency stop at the Blaxland shops. Parked the car and run desperately looking for the damn public toilet. Finally found it and thanks god there were plenty of paper phew!

Well arrived at her place after had my conscious cleaned and felling relieved and much, much lighter. Jenna was beautiful as usual, we greeted with kisses but quickly asked her for shower because "I want to be sure I'm super-clean before playtime" .

After shower the real fun began: DFKs, DATYing, squirting, sucking and fucking in various positions and in all holes... oh boy this girl can deliver! The first round was really intense and fun, but in the finale was where the dilemma started... so where to finish up? Pussy, arse or mouth? so finished up in pussy (covered off course) cos it was sooo wet after so many squiring.

During our break we had our usual nice conversation, this time we chat about dogs, falling in love with a SW, relationships, how to qualify myself as Jenna's BF (by killing a bunch of punters in the queue haha). Jenna is a great company and we had good laugh, but she then realised that time was up so we quickly started round two.

Round two was as good as round one but again the same dilemma: tough choice to make so this time opted for her arse which felt amazing! Jumped quickly to the shower cos worried about the time - Jenna had another booking coming in 30mins. We kissed and left her place in a rush cos didn't want to ruin her next booking. On my way back Jenna texted to tell me I forgot my watch - doh!! Quickly u-turned and managed to get back to her house just before the next punter arrives. She greeted me again at the door with my watch, and boy she looked so beautiful with her hair and makeup done ... I really wanted to give her another kiss but didn't want to put her in trouble as the next punter would soon show up (it's always weird when you cross paths with another punter, dunno why and it shouldn't be but it always seems to be LOL).

Thank you Jenna for the dilemma time

Originally posted to #AuXXXReviews

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