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"One of many magical moments to come."

Well, go get a glass of wine, coffee, beer, a drink, sit down and put your feet up for this is going to be a bit of an epic, short story review. Thought about just doing a quick version but this would not accurately portray the fun had.

Before we start it does need to be clearly stated that all that you are about to read was conveyed to and worked out with Jenna via email before meeting and adhered to during our time.

Many would know of Jenna and her contributions to Punter Planet, particularly in the “ask a working girl a question..” thread. I had a look at Jenna’s profile page in PP. It is a basic profile outline saying that she is open to all suggestions and the only no go zone is BBFS. It also state that she is a huge squirter. We’ll come back to that latter. Also provided on her profile page is a gallery of recent photos, availability and prices. With no real indications of a service list but being open to suggestions I write Jenna an email firstly inquiring as to her location. The first aspect that you need to understand about Jenna is that, as she says, lives at the base of the Blue Mountains and is in effect an hour’s drive from Sydney.

This required some planning and time management on my behalf. So I email Jenna and outline some of the fun that we might be able partaking in together. I could outline what I wrote but I will let you read it, again, all worked out and agreed to in emails. I propose a time for I will be in Parramatta for two day during the week and Jenna emails back that she can meet me at the proposed time on one of the days. With a bit of bending of the light, space and time continuum I end up in Parramatta and the ability to see Jenna. It’s still a 30 odd minute drive from here.

I arrive on time and sms this. Jenna replies immediately that I can come over and I park my car, walk up and knock on the door. Jenna greets me in the agreed attire discussed in our emails. We did compromise that underwear needed to be worn at the front door for it does open to the street. But if you think about it, does it really matter? At the door I am greeted with Jenna wearing a white singlet which is two sizes to small, white panties and white short socks. Jenna is as she appears in the photos in her gallery on PP. What is not conveyed is the smile and the engaging personality that made this punt the fun booking it was.

I follow Jenna in, we exchange pleasantries and we head off to the bathroom for me to shower. Jenna is in and out of the bathroom making some final preparations while I shower. Shower is great and neutral smelling, good body is provided. I wash myself thoroughly. Towel provided is large and heavy and easily dries me. Further to this it wraps around me and doesn’t look like a mini skirt on me. I head out of the bathroom and make my way to Jenna who is now waiting for me in the bedroom. I find her there and she has dispensed with her panties, this was our original agreement to be greeted at the door.

I approach and dispense with the towel. We immediately entwine with each other, pressing our bodies together and delve straight in to DFK. And I do mean DFK. Our hands roam but come to rest at the most relevant points. Jenna already has a hold of me while her free hand roams while I grip her butt and one breast through her singlet. Between our DFKing and groping we begin our banter of explicit dirty talk. Our DFK becomes, well deeper.

Still standing, Jenna pulls away and squats down in front of me. Again takes hold of me and begins a BBBJ. This builds to DT and she regularly swallows me whole. Doing this a couple of times Jenna gags and pulls away. I bring her up and we DDFK. She descends again and repeats. Going as deep a she can, her drool starts to hang off her chin and drip on to her breasts, wetting her white singlet top. I continue to bring Jenna up regularly to DDDFK. There is a magical moment where I stand there, one hand on the back of Jenna’s head, the other on my hip, me leaning back as Jenna DT me. I’m not even FF her or pulling her forward for she has both hands on my butt pulling herself into me, gagging, snorting. It is one of many magical moments to come.

Jenna looks up at me and says she can get me down deeper if you lie on the bed. How can one refuse that? I lie on the bed and Jenna recommences. She is side on to me pressing against me. My hands roam over her body with one settling to play with her clit. There is no more for me to do. Jenna is forcing herself down on me without any encouragement let alone assistance. Her heavy locks fall across me occasionally obscuring my view. She would then flick it over with a toss of her head. My hair fetish magical moment fulfilled.

As Jenna has been BBBJ she has moved to TTM and continues lower, returning to BBBJ. I suggest that perhaps it would be better if I went onto my hands and knees and attend to me that way. The long licks, tongue pressure and then the tromboning that Jenna applies has me moaning away. I ask Jenna to bend me back for some more BBBJ and whilst doing this Jenna then does this long lick from the end of me and all the way up to the lower part of my sacrum, then back down to continue the BBBJ. With some long strokes, TTM, Jenna then slides a finger in. This continues for a moment until I raise myself up on to my knees. Jenna comes around the front of me and restarts the BBBJ and the reaches behind me and slides her finger back in. I’ve gone from moaning to gasping. I’m thinking you’re going to find me concluding each paragraph with, "it’s another magical moment".

Anyway, I bring Jenna up for the last time, we DFK and I suggest the perhaps I should return the favour. Jenna rolls onto her back. I come over the top of her, again we DDDDDFK and I descend. I pull up her singlet top up and grope and lick her nipples and breasts. I continue my decent and find that Jenna is already quite wet. I delve in for DATY. Now, if I am going to be critical, and you could argue it is an odd criticism to make, it is that Jenna is a very active gusher when she organism. It is stated in her profile but I had no idea of the extent of the flow she can produce. Some may not be into it. I would have like to have had an indication just for the sake of at least being prepared. I delve in and Jenna moans away and our banter is about as explicit as you can make it. Jenna’s moans increase and she jolts to an orgasm and releases a stream in to my mouth and down my chin. I’m almost taken aback by this, firstly by the unexpected release but also by the amount. It washes over my mouth and down my chin. I press in deeper with my face for the taste, smell and to push Jenna again to climax. She repeats with equal exuberance and an equal amount released again, jolting and moaning in her climax. I cannot get enough. Just wasn’t expecting that much. An unexpected magical moment? I continue and love the sensations Jenna is and continues to produce.

From here a dom is found and Jenna expertly applies it with her mouth while I kneel on the bed. We decide on doggie to start with. Jenna turns around on her knees and I easily slide in. Jenna is very wet to say the least and combines with the dom I am not getting the excessive sensitive that I sometime have and hence need to slow things down. I can only be crass, with Jenna moaning away, telling me what to do, me equally encouraging her and telling her what I am doing, the feel of her butt and back I am able to, well, just rider her. The front of my thighs slap against her butt making her skin ripple. I can go as hard as I want with Jenna’s encouragement and with no risk to sending myself over the edge. Jenna climaxes again and releases. I push Jenna down so as she now lies flat and I continue. At various points I lie flat against her and we DFK. I also disappear in to her neck with my mouth nuzzling away, deep in to thick and dampening locks.

We move to mis and again as described above all again happens. Legs are in the air, I lie pressing myself against Jenna’s body and we DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDFK. Yes, another highlight, with me sitting up Jenna stimulates herself to climax and I can feel the warmth of her release run over me.

“Well, would you like to fuck me Jenna?” I ask. With an obvious reply, Jenna steps of the bed and goes to a chest of draws and removes her strap on dildo. As it comes out of the draw it somehow disassembles itself and Jenna spends a few minutes trying to put it back together. It is oddly erotic to watch this and to then see Jenna step in to it and secure the various straps. Jenna comes back to the bed and finds some lube which is caramel sugar flavoured (it actually is). Thank goodness it is clear, I can think of no poorer a flavoured choice of lube for anal and pegging. Jenna lubes me up. Now, I have had the pleasure of being peg a few times but this was one of the best. I don’t know what it was, the perfect size, length, the lube, Jenna’s skills, her hands roaming all areas, her tempo or basically all combined to have me just moaning away. Moaning to the point I’m almost embarrassed by it, but I am so lost in the moment. Jenna withdraws and removes the dom.

Just to press home her told to be dominant streak I say would you like me to BBBJ you? Her eyes do just sutterley twinkle as I look up.. Jenna is kneeling and I go down her dildo. I look up at her and say, “FF me.” With a steady pace she moves back and forth. I let the angles press in to the inside of my check, press the end to my lips and occasionally I take hold of the base and flick the end with my tongue and look up at Jenna.

I guess you can guess the question that I asked Jenna from here. She happily agrees. I firstly rim Jenna applying the same long lick and pointed stimulation done to me. The same lube is then applied but I can’t slide in. I carefully slide a finger in asking for feedback. I slightly withdraw and carefully re-enter with two fingers. With a few moan and saying all is okay I slide them back and forth and gently stretch Jenna’s butt. I attempt to re-enter, but again struggle. With two finger back in, I very carefully press up with my finger and place myself below them, with Jenna saying all is good I withdraw my fingers and slide in at the same time. We are off. I am very controlled in my speed and depth and Jenna groan away. I carefully build in rhythm and the length of my thrusts and Jenna is able to accept me fully, deep inside her.

I ask if we could do a pornstar pose and Jenna readily agrees. Its reverse cowgirl. I have done this position any number of times but never in anal. A dream, yes that’s right, moment fulfilled. I easily slide back into Jenna, she lies back and picks up the pace. I reach around and play with her clit and ask if I can? Jenna agrees and I slide my fingers in. Just a note, in all this passion and madness I make a point of using my right hand for I had used my left hand fingers to carefully relax Jenna. Anyway, I wish I could have filmed this. I dream fulfilled.

We finish with this and do need a clean-up. Jenna heads off to the bathroom and I use some baby wipes. Jenna returns, now naked for we have kept the top on until now. A dom is fasten and we move straight in to cowgirl which produces another climax discharge from Jenna. I say that for the next one I want you to sit on my face and release all over me. To say that Jenna passionately goes about this is an understatement. I’m surprised the bed didn’t break, or me for that matter. Jenna gets close, comes straight off me and sits on my face. I delve in with tongue, lips, nose and sucking. Don’t ask me how I coordinate all this, it’s actually impressive for a mere male to multi task on such a level. Now add to this, not drowning and it’s actually impressive. Jenna grinds in to me and again releases an amazing amount of fluid. I taste it, drink it and it runs down the sides of my face leaving two wet patches on either side of my head on the bed. In her groaning and convulsions Jenna still managed to inquire into my welfare. She comes off me and we DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDFK (notice how we are getting more “D’s”) and while doing this we reconnect back in to cowgirl. Her thick hair falls over my head. I am lost in bliss.

To the finally as time is quickly running out. I have a quick clarification with Jenna for what is to come next and that all is clear. Jenna is beyond agreeable and very enthusiastic. I ask for doggie to help me build to my conclusion. Not having to control myself I easily build and grunt that I am close. We disengage, Jenna moves to the floor and I remove the dom. I then stand over Jenna slowly building myself while she TTMs me. I grunt again that I am about to finish and Jenna places herself under me. I release all over Jenna’s face, cheeks, nose, hair and chin. In a strained grunt I say, “finish me.” Jenna takes me in her mouth and works away and then DT me. My grunts are now groans. She looks up at me. I’m actually looking at the roof and gaze down for a moment, with Jenna moving back and forth, my release all over her face, I’m going to have no trouble remembering this magical moment.

BUT, there is one more to be had. I kneel down with Jenna and we DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDFK. I then lick some of my finish off and we continue to snowball and we repeat until Jenna’s is as clean as you could make it. The sensation, the decadence is, well, beyond magical.

I stand up and help Jenna up too. We have a final light kiss and then part to clean ourselves up. I use the towel on the bed and Jenna uses some tissues. I fall back onto the bed for I need a moment and Jenna kneels besides me. We have a quick chat but time is basically over so we head to the shower. We wash ourselves and each other. Dressed, Jenna walks me to the door and we lightly kiss goodbye and I cannot but help say. “I’ve had a fantastic time.” We have a final hug and get a last smile from Jenna, perfect.

The hour and a half odd drive back in to Sydney for my next appointment was perhaps one of the more blissful I’ve had……….

Originally posted on #PunterPlanet

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